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What to Ask a Door-to-Door Pest Control Salesperson

Wed, 06/14/2023

Knock, Knock!

Who’s there? The answer might not be as innocent as you think. 

Door-to-door salespeople have long been a fixture in neighborhoods, but amidst the ongoing economic uncertainties, their presence can be more alarming than ever. While many industries have been forced to adapt and change, these persistent door knockers continue their quest to make a sale, often with promises that sound too good to be true.

It’s crucial to be aware of the potential dangers and deceptive tactics employed by some door-to-door salespeople, especially when it comes to pest control services.

We’re here to shed light on the matter, arm you with knowledge, and help you navigate the world of door knockers with confidence. Don’t fall victim to false promises—let’s dive into the key questions you need to ask when approached by a door-to-door pest control salesperson.

1. “How long has your company been operating in this area?”

A common practice for out of state pest control companies is to start selling and servicing a new state or region. They pour a lot of money into acquiring contracts as quickly as possible and then sell the business to the highest bidder. Door-to-door sales is a popular tactic, as it can lead to a lot of new customers in a short amount of time.

By asking a door-to-door salesperson how long their company has been operating in your specific area, you can weed out Johnny-come-lately and know how committed the salesperson’s company is to pest control near you.

2. “Are you personally licensed to treat pests? What is your Washington license number?” 

Anyone trying to sell you their pest control services should be able to provide those services themselves. However, there is a chance that if someone is a good enough salesperson to convince you to buy pest control at your door, then they may not be licensed to treat pests themselves. You can verify a pest control license number at your state’s Department of Agriculture website. Before buying anything from a door-to-door pest control salesperson, make sure they know everything they are talking about and will treat your pest issue personally.

3. Do you make a commission on this sale?

Door-to-door sales is a game of numbers. They must knock on a lot of doors to get in front of customers – this is the only way they can make their commission. It’s not uncommon for a door knocker to make 30-50% of the total sale of you contract. This promotes false promises and high pressure tactics to get you to sign.

4. “Can you guarantee pests will never get back in?” 

Pest Control companies can guarantee their work for a period of time. But pests are determined and may find their way back in if protection services stop. Additionally getting rid of one pest won’t necessarily stop a different pest from getting in. If a salesperson says, “no pest will get back into your home”, close the door.

5. Do you only use poison for rodents or can you also inspect the structure and perform exclusion repairs to block rodents out?

Rodents do NOT eat poison and seek out water away from the structure to die, (it’s an old wives’ tale from the 60’s). Choose a company that wants long-term solutions when stopping rodents from access to your home. Make sure the company you choose inspects the whole structure (gets on the roof, in the attic & crawlspace), shows you where EVERY entry access point is in their report and doesn’t say “we will fix holes as we remove your insulation”.

6. Can you stop your service for any reason or are you required by contract to be on service for a year or longer? 
What happens if I’m unhappy or move?

Look for a pest control company that allows you to decide how long you want to be on service. The company you choose should provide a high value of service, so you see the results and benefits to justify staying on service.

7. “Can you put everything we’ve talked about in writing?”

Don’t find out the hard way that you were over promised something and then must pay to get out of a contract. Take your time before signing anything!

If you currently have a pest company, call them, and talk with them. Eastside Exterminators is happy to answer any questions you may have!


In short: If someone comes to your door and promises you the world, it’s probably too good to be true. A pest control company will send salespeople door-to-door because it’s an effective way to close sales. However, those salespeople don’t always have your best interests as a customer at heart. It is important to know what to ask of someone selling you pest control services.

And if you’re ever in a situation where you know a salesperson is just trying to make a sale, give Eastside Exterminators a call at 425-318-7912 for our pest control services in the Seattle area. We are more than happy to answer all of these questions for you and any others you have, as well as to treat your home for the pests plaguing your home. 


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