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The Best Pest Control in Fall City

Ants in the kitchen, spiders in the bathroom — wherever you turn, it seems like there’s a pest lurking in the corner. That doesn’t have to be the case, though! Our pest control in Fall City can help you reclaim your house from those nuisances in no time.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all our pest and rodent control work for customers on our protection service. If rodents or pests access your home through work we have done, we will return to your home and fix it free of charge.

Treatment Process

Treatment Process

With over 50 years of experience providing families like yours with pest control in Seattle and the surrounding areas, we're the best at eliminating pests and provide ongoing protection.
Specialized Technicians

Specialized Technicians

All of our technicians are specialized and highly trained in their division of work. This means every technician who is a part of your pest-removal process is an expert in their field.

“Can’t say enough of my experience with EE so far, they made a potentially stressful situation easy to understand and address. I got lucky in that they had availability to drop by on a days notice.”

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Pest Control in Fall City

Are you trying to find a well-known pest control company that offers effective and reliable services in Fall City? You’ve found the answer! Eastside Exterminators is one of the most experienced pest control companies the provides top-notch exterminator services! We have been serving Fall City and surrounding areas since 1969, and we have thousands of satisfied customers.

Because of its location near the waterfront and forests, every property in the Fall City area has faced the problem of pest infestation at one point in time or another. But you can rest easy and let us take care of the problem. Hire our experienced exterminators we will ensure you never have to face these problems again! Make the right choice the first time and save yourself time and hassle with Eastside. For more information, call 425-318-7912 and speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives!

Our pest control in Fall City can handle:

  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Roaches
  • Spiders
  • Wasps and stinging insects
  • Hornets
  • Carpenter Ants
  • And more!

Licensed, Bonded, Expert Exterminators

Eastside Exterminators is a family-owned and operated pest control company from Seattle. All of our technicians are licensed by the state of Washington. We have a passion for doing the right thing for our customers, too. The successful Eastside four-part process for control of pests and rodents is sure to work and exceed all your expectations. By choosing Eastside for our pest control in Fall City, you can protect your family members from dangerous diseases caused by ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, and more. As part of our commitment to our community, Eastside Exterminators proudly adopts practices that do not harm the environment in any way and are safe for your family and pets!

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Rodent Control in Fall City

Do you think you might have a rat or mouse living in your home? For the safety of your home and family, it is extremely important to keep rats and mice out of your house. Our professional rodent control in Fall City is rooted in 50 years of experience, making us your local experts.

Our Process is Different

Rats and mice in your home is a big deal. They can annoy your family with their scratching in your walls, not to mention cause damage to wiring and drywall that can leave you with expensive repairs. They might be a year-round problem, but with our rodent control in Fall City, they don’t stand a chance in your home. Here’s what our unique four-step process includes:

  • A top-to-bottom inspection of your home: One of our knowledgeable exterminators will identify all current and potential rodent entry points and set up traps in the infested areas.
  • Exclusion repairs: Once we know how rodents are getting in, a trained exclusion technician will seal off the entry points using rodent-proof materials to keep them out.
  • Follow-up inspection: To ensure you remain protected, we’ll re-inspect your home to make sure our fixes are keeping rodents out. If anything needs improvement, we’ll take care of it.
  • Sanitation and clean up: All rodent-contaminated materials will be removed and the remnants of their activities will be cleaned up, while damaged materials like insulation will be replaced. After all that’s done, your space will be sanitized and deodorized.

The Difference Between Rats and Mice

Rats and mice seem similar, but there’s more than just a size difference between the two. Rats, the larger of the two, are much more cautious and avoid anything new in their paths. Mice are, on the other hand, very curious and like to investigate new things. Rats like to use the same paths for getting from place to place. Mice tend to wander about. Therefore, there are very different approaches to trapping and eradicating the two different species. Mice can also breed at a much faster rate than rats, and a small problem can get extremely large very quickly!

There is one thing that’s the same between mice and rats: if they’re in your home, you need them gone!

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Ant Control in Fall City

Ants are always searching for their next meal, which is why you might spot them in your kitchen. Once they’ve found a food source inside of your home, ants are unlikely to leave without the help of professional ant control in Fall City. Our team will quickly eliminate these pesky insects and give you the relief you deserve. We combat a variety of ants, including:

  • Carpenter ants
  • Sugar ants
  • Moisture ants
  • Pavement ants

Exterminators with 50+ Years of Experience

You can trust that our ant exterminators in Fall City are the best at what they do; they go through rigorous training, receive proper certification, and have plentiful experience with treating ant infestations of all sizes. If you have a question or concern, you always have someone to turn to! Our ant control in the Fall City area also utilizes top-of-the-line products that are family-friendly and safe for the environment, so you can feel confident you’re making the right choice. Choose the pest control company that has been taking care of ant infestations for over 50 years.

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