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Rats, mice, or mystery critters, it doesn’t matter what they are—you don’t want them in your home. But don’t go it alone—instead of trying frustrating DIY rodent control, trust Eastside and our highly specialized team of rat exterminators. Our proven four-step rat control process will leave your home rodent-free and your family safe.

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Rodent Control in Seattle, WA

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Nobody likes the idea of mice or rats infesting their home, doing damage under the floors and behind the walls. And unlike other pests of the northwest, rats are a year-round problem in our area. When rodents enter a home, it’s more than an annoyance. Rats carry more than 35 dangerous diseases that can affect humans and pets. These rat diseases include Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), and more. Keep your family safe with our professional rat control services in Seattle which includes four very important steps to complete elimination.

Step 1: Thorough Rodent Inspection & Trap Placement

Our trained rodent exterminators will carefully and thoroughly inspect your entire home to identify all current and potential entry points. For homes under 5,000 square feet, this inspection can typically take up to three hours. Our team will inspect your crawl space, attic, roof, perimeter, garage, basement, underneath decks, and the interior of your home.

A rodent inspection with Eastside includes:

  • Setting rat traps in and around the house.
  • Taking videos, pictures, and detailed notes of every entry and exit point, and all rats and mice damage to the home.
  • Creating a complete map of the home diagramming those issues and illustrating a protection plan.
  • Writing a detailed report of all findings and recommendations.
  • Talking one-on-one with the homeowner to review every aspect of the inspection and develop a protection plan.

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Step 2: Rodent Exclusion Repairs

Rodent exclusion is the second step in our proven four-step process. The appointment where an exclusion technician to seal all entry points around your home or business follows the initial inspection. Your exclusion technician will follow the detailed map in the rodent exclusion report your inspector created to seal all identified entry points.

While doing so, the technician will also check the trapping systems set up in the initial inspection. If necessary, they will remove any mice and rats caught in the traps and reset them. And once this work is complete, Eastside can proceed to help you with long-term protection from mice and rats. We even offer rat slab installation in Seattle to keep rodents out permanently.

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Why Our Rodent Exclusion Services are Superior

Effective rodent exclusion for homes and businesses demands extensive knowledge of how rats and mice behave, and what they’re capable of. Moreover, it requires an understanding of typical construction practices in order to make the best use of rodent-proof materials. This is why our technicians must complete a 12-week course learning the ins and outs of the process.

The Eastside Exterminators’ exclusion course includes a mix of classroom education and on-the-job training. We cover everything about rats and mice themselves, best practices for repairing entry points, and the proper installation of exclusion systems. This ensures our team knows how to handle challenges that are different from one structure—and species—to the next. All this is to say that rodent exclusion doesn’t simply mean going around a structure slapping on a few screens—there’s science behind what we do, and we apply it to our entire system.

Step 3: Follow-Up Inspections & Rodent Removal

After the repairs have been made, Eastside will send out one of our follow-up inspectors to re-inspect all repairs made to the home and carefully scour your property for any new entry or exit points. Any trapped mice and rats will be removed from your home and our exterior rodent protection system will be set up according to your home’s specific layout.

Step 4: Home Clean-Up & Sanitation Reports

Once the vermin have been evicted from your home, we’ll bring in our team of trained sanitation experts to remove all rodent-contaminated materials by following a detailed sanitation report provided by our rat exterminator. To begin, we will remove all damaged insulation. After the contaminated insulation has been removed, we will clean your attic or crawl space, keeping an eye out for:

  • Rodent feces
  • Nesting sites
  • Damaged plastic vapor barriers
  • And more

After we have removed, sanitized, and deodorized the affected areas, we will then reinstall new, up-to-code insulation materials. Our goal is to leave your home in better condition than we found it!

Did you know Eastside also offers insulation installation services? Learn more about insulation repair and installation!

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Guaranteed Rodent Control to Protect Your Family

Eastside offers a warranty on qualifying treatments. Any problems that occur while on the management service will be re-treated until the problem is resolved. We as a company take pride in being committed to doing the right thing for your family and ours. Our motto is “Our Family Protecting Families!

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Don’t live in the city limits of Seattle? No worries—we provide our services to the greater metro area.

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