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The Best Pest Control in Snoqualmie

Infestations can quickly grow, making you give up hope that they’ll ever leave. With our proven solutions, however, our pest control in Snoqualmie can have you back on your feet and enjoying a home without bugs.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee all our pest and rodent control work for customers on our protection service. If rodents or pests access your home through work we have done, we will return to your home and fix it free of charge.

Treatment Process

Treatment Process

With over 50 years of experience providing families like yours with pest control in Seattle and the surrounding areas, we're the best at eliminating pests and provide ongoing protection.
Specialized Technicians

Specialized Technicians

All of our technicians are specialized and highly trained in their division of work. This means every technician who is a part of your pest-removal process is an expert in their field.

“I didn’t get it when I saw tiny shreds of paper towel under the sink – then it appeared under another sink – what? Then another – about the time my doctor said I had a mouse virus! Whamo – who to call?”

Frances L.


Pest Control in Snoqualmie

As a locally-owned company, we know what pests are lurking in your home! Our team of expert exterminators not only have hands-on experience with pests but countless hours of rigorous training.

When you partner with Eastside Exterminators for pest control in Snoqualmie, you’ll be getting the best protection against pests, including:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Hornets, Wasps & Yellow Jackets
  • Flies
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Silverfish
  • Millipedes
  • Earwigs
  • Centipedes
  • And more!

Your Home, Your Plan

Pest control isn’t one size fits all, which is why you need to ditch the generic DIY treatments in favor of professionals whose number-one priority is making your home pest-free. That’s what we believe in here at Eastside Exterminators, and our commitment shows in everything we do. When you trust us in your home for your pest control in Snoqualmie, you can expect:

  • A thorough inspection of your home to determine the extent of your infestation.
  • Methods that have been proven to eliminate household pests, no matter the extent of your infestation.
  • Exterminators who keep you informed throughout every step.
  • Ongoing service that gives you long-term protection.

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Protection From Fleas & Spiders

Fleas and spiders are two things you definitely don’t want in your home. Fleas pester your beloved pets, causing them to itch incessantly while putting everyone in your home at risk for diseases like typhus or cat scratch fever. Spiders, venomous or harmless, can give you the heebie-jeebies and cover the upper parts of your home in unsightly webbing. While they are tricky to treat, we include them in our pest control services, unlike many of our competitors, saving you both money and time. Get your peace of mind back — say goodbye to fleas and spiders for good.

Our Unique Warranty Program

Your happiness and safety are important to us, which is why we’re proud to have a pest control warranty program that guarantees your satisfaction. As long as you maintain regular service with us, we’ll take the necessary steps to keep you happy. If pests come back between services, one of our pest exterminators from Seattle will return to your home and retreat — at no additional charge!

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Rodent Control in Snoqualmie

We’ve been working on exceptional rodent control in Snoqualmie and the surrounding areas since 1969. Since our start, we’ve got it down to a science, condensed into four steps that get carried out by our experts. We’re proud to offer you the highest quality of care, which includes:

  • A detailed inspection performed by a licensed exterminator who scours your home for entry points. Using those findings, a report including treatment recommendations is generated.

  • Repairs to your home that eliminate entry points, decreasing the likelihood rodents will be able to gain access to your home.

  • A follow-up inspection that checks the status of our repairs, searches for new entrances and removes the trapped rodents.

  • Cleanup of previously infested areas, including removing contaminated materials, repairing damaged insulation, and sanitizing your space to remove germs.

    Get a free $199 Inspection when you sign up for SMART Rodent Protection!

    Rodents Are Dangerous For Your Home and Family

    When rodents are in your home, there’s more to worry about than their unsightliness. Rats and mice are a risk to you and your family as they carry over 35 diseases that can be transmitted to humans, including:

    • Hantavirus

    • Leptospirosis

    • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis

    Rodents also pose a danger to your home. They like to take refuge in hard-to-access spaces, which sometimes means they find their way into the walls of your home. There, they can not only tear up your insulation but also chew on wires. The damage they inflict increases your chances of experiencing a house fire.

    Ant Control in Snoqualmie

    It doesn’t take long for one or two ants to turn into a colony, sneaking into your home through small cracks and crevices. Instead of trying DIY concoctions or purchasing ineffective bug spray at the grocery store, let Eastside Exterminators help. Our professional ant control in Snoqualmie will have your home ant-free in no time — and make sure it stays that way. We can eliminate a wide variety of ant species, including:

    • Sugar ants
    • Black ants
    • Carpenter ants
    • Pavement ants
    • Moisture ants
    • And even more!

    Family Friendly Ant Treatments That Work

    We’re a family-focused company, and proud of it — so we understand how important your loved ones are. We’re dedicated to providing family-friendly treatments that are also safe for the environment. Our ant control in Snoqualmie is tough on bugs, but easy on your family so you don’t have to worry about their health during the process. With Eastside Exterminators on your side, you can also expect:

    • A detailed inspection of your home to determine the extent of the ant infestation.
    • Proper identification of the ant species that has found its way inside.
    • Ant treatment options customized to your home’s unique needs.
    • Fast, efficient elimination of all ants currently infesting your home.
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