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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Seattle

Wed, 06/14/2023

Cockroaches make everyone uncomfortable. That’s why we put together this helpful guide to help you recognize the common signs of a roach infestation, understand how to prevent roaches, and what to do if you have an infestation.

Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

Cockroaches are social insects—if you see one in your home, there are more lurking elsewhere. The #1 giveaway of a cockroach infestation is spotting them indoors, but there are other hints to look out for as well:

  • Smears on hard surfaces.
  • Black droppings that look like loose coffee grounds.
  • Discarded brown exoskeletons.
  • White pill-like cases (eggs).
  • An unpleasant musty smell.
  • Book pages or food packages that look like they’ve been eaten away.

Since a cockroach likely belongs to a colony of many more, it’s in your home’s best interest to be proactive in your approach to cockroach control.

Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

As hideous as they are, you don’t have to worry about a cockroach stinging you. They are, however, hazardous to the health of those dwelling in close quarters with them. Along with being linked to triggering allergies and asthma (especially in children), roaches spread germs and can carry salmonella, E. coli, and bacteria that cause strep throat and staph infections.

Do Cockroaches Bite?

Yes, cockroaches can bite! Although not poisonous, a roach bite can cause irritation and even infection. Roaches tend to go for fingernails, eyelashes, and hair before nibbling on skin; but it does happen. If you are bitten, wash the area thoroughly with warm soapy water to prevent infection.

What Attracts Cockroaches?

Believe it or not, cockroaches aren’t just attracted by the opportunity to ruin your day. Their uncomplicated life involves the pursuit of 3 things:

  • Food.
  • Water.
  • Shelter.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and basements are the most common areas for roaches to hang out because these rooms can fulfill all three needs. You may also discover an infestation dwelling among stacks of old newspapers and cardboard boxes. Cockroaches shelter in and feed off these materials, making them an ideal home for a colony—complete with an all-you-can-eat buffet!

How to Prevent Cockroaches

Cockroach prevention, as with any pest control, starts with a clean house. Exposed food, rotten garbage, ignored spills, and other waste build-ups are often linked with infestations and the need for cockroach control. Make your environment less appealing to roaches by:

  • Cleaning food and water spills, and clearing dirty dishes from the sink.
  • Taking out the trash regularly.
  • Throwing out gathered cardboard boxes or stacks of old newspapers, especially if they absorb moisture.
  • Fixing leaky plumbing pipes.
  • Sealing food containers, and caulking cracks in the home.

If you suspect an infestation, check behind large appliances such as stoves and refrigerators. Dark warm areas in basements and attics are also popular places for high activity.

How to Get Rid of Roaches

A small roach infestation may be managed with cockroach traps you can buy at a store or online. However, since the discovery of one cockroach often means there are more in your home, your best bet is to contact a professional exterminator.

Call Professional Exterminators

Our roach control toolkit differs from your at-home efforts by having state-of-the-art equipment handled by skilled experts who create a specialized removal process for your needs. We start by squeezing gel bait in areas cockroaches are likely hiding, which kills them. As other roaches feed on the corpses, they too will be poisoned, thus reducing the population over time. Learn more about our pest control services in Seattle.

FAQ About Cockroaches

What’s the Difference Between Cockroaches and Palmetto Bugs?

Despite the different names, cockroaches and palmetto bugs are one and the same. The American cockroach is often referred to as the palmetto bug in the southeastern United States, like South Carolina and Florida, which have palmetto palm trees.

Are Cockroaches Common in Seattle?

Roaches are one of the most common pests in Washington along with ants, spiders, bed bugs, and ticks. There are generally four types in the Seattle area:

  • American cockroach
  • Oriental cockroach
  • German cockroach
  • Brown-banded cockroach

Will Roaches Go Away on Their Own?

Waiting to take action on a cockroach infestation will only allow it to get worse. Roaches multiply quickly and become more resilient as time goes on. Getting an exterminator involved is crucial to ridding your home of these pests for good.

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