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Eastside Exterminators Reviews – Seattle, Bellevue, Kenmore

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Here at Eastside Exterminators, we love to hear our customer reviews. As a pest control company that has been in business for over 40 years, we remember the days before the internet. Back then we used to recieve mail from customers praising us and thanking us for taking care of their pest problems. Nowadays, with sites like yelp, citysearch, and Facebook, people go online to read and post reviews. Many of our customers have said to us, “we left you a review on Yelp, but I don’t see it. Where did it go?” We would like to take this opportunity to explain this. Yelp has an automated filter that hides reviews that it’s program sees as “fake”. Unfortunately, this “filter” still needs a lot of work and filters out real and legitimate reviews.

For your convenience, we have combined several of Eastside Exterminators reviews on one page for you to view. For more relevant and up-to-date reviews, check out our reviews on Google and Angie's List, too!

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Eastside Exterminators reviews on Yelp. Eastside Exterminators offers Pest Control Services in Seattle, Rodent and Wildlife removal in a humane way, and also also offers cleanup and new insulation installation after rodent damage.

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