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12 Pests of Christmas: Six Beetles Bustling!

winter beetle infestation🎡On the sixth day of Christmas, my PMP found for me ...

Six beetles bustling,

Five stinging wasps,

Four crawling ants,

Three bed bugs,

Two black spiders,

And a rat chewing on my Christmas lights!🎡

If you're cracking open cans of cranberry sauce and other goodies from the pantry this holiday season, be on the lookout for one of winter's most unwelcome pests -- beetles! Pantry pests, or stored-product pests, like beetles take up residence inside your stored foods and can snack away unnoticed for months. Don't let a winter beetle infestation ruin your Christmas dinner plans -- here is a guide to preventing pantry pests.

If beetles or other pantry pests have already infiltrated your home, you need our professionals on the job. Call us now at 425-482-2100 for full-service pest control from certified experts. We'll make sure your home is pest-free for the holidays!

Here are some tips to keep beetles out for winter.

Stop a Winter Beetle Infestation Early

The first step to preventing a pantry pest invasion is to take away their food source. Make sure all foods in your cabinets, closets and pantries are completely sealed up. Beetles will get in if there is food for them to eat -- if all the food is sealed an inaccessible, pantry pests won't come.

Put open food (even non-perishables like flour, rice and sugar) into air-tight containers, and make sure jars and cans are completely sealed. Keep your counters, drawers and cabinets clean of food debris to discourage pests.

Close Entry Points to Keep Out Winter Pests

Beetles and other pests can squeeze through tiny openings into your kitchen and infest your stored products. Find gaps, cracks, holes, nooks and crannies and seal them to keep out pests. Although you won't be able to find every possible opening, the harder you make it for pests to get in, the more protected you will be.

Especially look for places to seal in and around your kitchen, which will make it harder for beetles and other pantry pests to get to a food source. Once the pests are already in, however, you will need the professionals at Eastside Exterminators to take care of it. Our trained experts will keep your home clean and free of pests this winter. Call us now at 425-482-2100 and give pantry pests the boot!