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12 Pest of Christmas: Three Bed Bugs!

winter bed bug infestation🎵 On the third day of Christmas, my PMP found for me ...

Three bed bugs,

Two black spiders,

And a rat chewing on my Christmas lights! 🎵

Waking up on Christmas morning to the surprise of presents is one of the best parts of the holidays. Waking up to the surprise of a bed bug infestation ... not so much! Bed bugs are some of the nastiest, hardiest pests out there, and nothing would add to the stress of the holidays like finding bed bugs in your house. If you have a winter bed bug infestation, you need help.

If you already have bed bugs, you need professional service right away. Before you do anything, call us at 425-482-2100 for an inspection from one of our certified experts. Eastside Exterminators will get rid of bed bugs efficiently and completely.

There are some steps you can take to prevent a bed bug invasion, however. Here is a quick guide to keeping out bed bugs.

How to Stop a Winter Bed Bug Infestation

get rid of bed bugsBed bugs will not enter your house without being carried in. Essentially, they can't get in without an invitation. However, bed bugs will hitch a ride on almost anything to get into your home: shoes, bags, backpacks, book spines, and more. Check the folds of clothes and other fabrics, as bed bugs love to hide in dark, warm spots.

Regularly cleaning these often-used things will help keep bed bugs at bay. The more you check for bed bugs, the more likely you will catch an infestation early -- or keep them out entirely.

Clean Regularly to Keep Out Bed Bugs

Bed bugs thrive in the hardest-to-reach spots of your home, like under the folds in furniture and in the crevices between carpet and wall. Vacuuming regularly and changing your sheets often will help to ward off bed bugs,

It is worth noting, however, that taking all the precautions in the world is still far from a guarantee of keeping out bed bugs. Sometimes, they just get in, and when they do, you need professional help immediately. Don't move furniture or throw anything out -- just vacate the affected room and call us right away at 425-482-2100. Our pest management professionals will ensure your home is free of bed bugs for the holidays!