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12 Pests of Christmas: Eight Bats A-Flapping!

12 Pests of Christmas: Eight Bats A-Flapping!

winter bat infestation🎡On the eighth day of Christmas, my PMP found for me ...

Eight bats a-flapping,

Seven stinkbugs reeking,

Six beetles bustling,

Five stinging wasps,

Four crawling ants,

Three bed bugs,

Two black spiders,

And a rat chewing on my Christmas lights!🎡

There are few things better during the holidays than just hanging around at home, enjoying the warmth and coziness of a decorated home. What you don't want hanging around with you, however, is an uninvited family of bats. If you are worried about a winter bat infestation, then we are here to help.

If bats have already infiltrated your home, you'll need professional help to get them out. Our trained pest control experts will get bats out of your house and keep them out. Call us now at 425-482-2100 for full-service pest control.

For tips on how to keep out bats this winter, keep reading.

How to Prevent a Winter Bat Infestation

In warm months, bats can be effective natural pest control agents -- they eat disease-carrying mosquitoes by the thousands. But in the winter, when many insects are dormant, bats are just looking for a warm, dry place to reside, and your home makes an enticing option. Bats especially look to attics for shelter.

Making sure your attic is sealed off from bats is the first step. Close holes, gaps, and cracks leading into your attic, especially under eaves and gutters. Bats can squeeze through much smaller holes than you imagine, so seal anything you see! But make sure all the bats are outside before you seal up holes -- you don't want to accidentally trap a bat inside.

Get Rid of Bats This Winter

Additionally, removing bats' food source will force them to relocate. So getting rid of bugs and flies will make sure bats leave as well. Comprehensive pest control can ensure your home is free of bats, mice, bugs, rats and much more.

Call us now at 425-482-2100 for a complete pest control solution from one of our certified experts. We'll make sure bats and all other pests are long gone for the holidays!