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Why Ants, a “Summer Pest,” Are Thriving in Seattle This Winter

Why Ants, a “Summer Pest,” Are Thriving in Seattle This Winter

Pacific Northwest ants are traditionally a summer pest. You know the drill -- your windows and doors are open, food is out on the counter, and a line of ants carries crumbs through a crack in the wall. But we've seen an uptick in winter ants this year. Why are ants thriving this winter?

Winter Ants Invading Your Home? Here's Why

If you have seen ants in your home this winter, then you are not alone. We have seen a sharp rise in ant calls this winter, far more than in a normal year. So what is causing this winter ants explosion? Where are they coming from?

The short answer is that it's the weather. The Seattle area just experienced one of its coldest and wettest months on record, and our soft Pacific Northwest ants were not prepared for it. There's more to the story than just cold weather, but the story starts there.

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Tiny black ants can invade in large numbers. These are usually Odiferous Ants or Sugar Ants. There are also similar Pavement Ants" as well.

Pacific Northwest Ants: Not Built for Snow

Much like humans, ants are accustomed to traditional Pacific Northwest winters. They stay protected by burrowing underground to wait out the wet season. But when the Snowpocalypse hits and the ground freezes over for weeks at a time, ants are unprepared. They seek out warm, dry areas to take shelter, which means inside your home.

Ants don't disappear from the Seattle area in winter, they just go into hiding. The extreme snow and cold of February forced many of these ants out of their burrows and into homes. You can blame this winter ant infestation on the snow.

What to Do About Winter Ants

So how can you fend off Pacific Northwest ants this winter? Preventing ants in winter is not much different from summer -- these tips should help:

  • Keep food stored away and your counters clean of crumbs
  • Clean your countertops regularly with disinfectant spray
  • Check for cracks, gaps and openings where ants can get into your house
  • Check around your house for ant hills and burrows

Once ants have invaded your home, you will want a professional to help get rid of them. Call us at 425-482-2100 for a thorough inspection from one of our trained pest control experts. Keep ants out of your home this winter!

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