Wildlife Control

Wildlife is beautiful in its natural habitat, but becomes dangerous when it enters and nests in attics, crawlspaces and other areas of our homes. Eastside Exterminators offers expert wildlife control, trapping and removal services to protect your home and health. Our wildlife technicians are licensed by the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission, and are also fully licensed pest control operators of the state of Washington.

Our 4-Step Wildlife Control Process:

We don’t like to think about it, but many wildlife species like to nest in our attics and crawlspaces. Raccoons, squirrels, opossums, bats, and even skunks seek refuge from predators and the elements in these areas. Our wildlife control experts have seen contaminated insulation and damaged electrical wiring in hundreds of homes in the Seattle area. Not to mention wildlife droppings, which can be hazardous to human health, especially for the young and old. That’s why quick trapping and removal is our specialty.

The most common wildlife issues homeowners face in King and Snohomish Counties are:

  • Raccoons
  • Squirrels
  • Beaver trapping
  • Bat control
  • Opossums and skunks
  • Nuisance birds

The good news is that Eastside Exterminators handles all of these issues, as well as pest and rodent infestations. So, whatever wildlife has invaded your property, call us for trapping and removal services you can count on at (425) 482-2100.

Owildlife controlur urban, suburban and rural environments are no obstacle to local wildlife. They have learned to thrive in them. More than anywhere else, they’ve learned to find their way into and exploit our homes. While there’s no stopping wildlife from trying to break in through your roof and soffits, Eastside technicians can repair existing damage. We’re fully prepared to seal entry points and install chimney caps, screen vents, and other barriers as necessary. Our targeted exclusion methods vary depending on the kind of wildlife you’re dealing with, as well as the home itself. This is because no two homes are the same, even on the same block—and tailored solutions are more effective.

Protect your roof, siding, attic and crawlspace from wildlife damage! Whether it’s opossums, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, or something else, we can clear the infestation and repair the damage. Call Eastside Exterminators today for fast, affordable, and effective wildlife control at (425) 482-2100.

Wildlife living and nesting in our homes damages insulation, wiring, and most times the structure itself. In addition to that, wildlife urine, droppings and carcasses are a health risk for your family. That makes it essential to replace contaminated insulation. Eastside’s expert insulation technicians will safely and quickly remove debris and filth from, decontaminate, and deodorize your attic and crawlspaces. After that, we will install fresh insulation to restore energy efficiency to your home.

While we’re providing you with affordable and reliable wildlife removal services, let Eastside’s insulation experts restore your insulation areas.

We are surrounded by the great outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest . In our unique environment, it’s common for people to live near lakes, mountains, forests and wetlands. A side effect of this is that we tend to co-exist with wildlife, which sometimes infests our homes. Fortunately, our wildlife technicians are well-prepared to educate you on best practices for wildlife control and reducing the likelihood of re-infestation.

Eastside Exterminators has been protecting thousands of homes and businesses all over King and Snohomish Counties since 1969 . From West Seattle to Snoqualmie Pass in the East, and from Marysville down to Federal Way, and all points in between, Eastside has been the choice against pests, rodents, nuisance wildlife and birds. As a full-service company we offer clean-out and insulation services, as well as drainage and rot repair solutions. No matter what is in your attic or crawl, we’ll “get ‘em all”.

Let our family protect yours – call Eastside now to get rid of wildlife infestations today!

Take note: for safety reasons we caution homeowners against trying to deal with wildlife. While these encounters are very infrequent they do happen, and all wild animals can cause damage to home as well as severe injury. Call Eastside Exterminators for wildlife removal services in the Greater Seattle area as well as the Eastside. We’ll get those unwanted invaders out of your home quickly, safely and humanely! (425) 482-2100