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The True Cost of a Free Rodent Inspection

The True Cost of a Free Rodent Inspection

What are your time and energy worth to you? How much of them are you willing to sacrifice to get something for “free?” If you have rats or mice in your home and are looking for a free rodent inspection, those are the questions you have to weigh. The true cost of a free rodent inspection is much higher than you think.

Inspections are not free at Eastside Exterminators. But for us, an inspection isn’t just a look around your house. We have high expectations of ourselves here at Eastside, and a free inspection doesn’t pass muster.

Learn the true cost of a free rodent inspection

A rodent inspection with Eastside Exterminators is so much more than just an inspection. It’s the first step in our proven four-step process, and it is the basis of an entire protection plan that our technicians develop with the customer. Our inspections last three to four hours each; a free rodent inspection will last a quarter of that time and won’t actually do anything to address your issues, unless you buy more services.

Additionally, any inspector conducting a free inspection is working an hour of unpaid labor, but he or she will need to make up that lost revenue. That means the cost all services after the inspection will be inflated. The customer will pay more at the end to avoid paying anything up front.

Finally, an inspector working for free has no incentive to do a thorough, exhaustive inspection of a home. The entire point of the free inspection is to upsell the customer on long-term services. Why would the inspector put his or her energy toward free work when they could be selling the customer more products?

Finding Solutions for Every Need

The money a customer pays for an inspection with Eastside Exterminators is not just to get the inspector to the house. An inspection with Eastside includes:

  • Setting rat traps in and around the house
  • Taking videos, pictures and detailed notes of every entry and exit point, and all rodent damage to the home
  • Creating a complete map of the home diagramming those issues and illustrating a protection plan
  • Writing a detailed report of all findings and recommendations
  • Talking one-on-one with the homeowner to review every aspect of the inspection and develop a protection plan
The true cost of a free rodent inspection is not finding rats like these

The licensed, experienced technicians at Eastside Exterminators will share all of his findings with the customer. After an inspection, the inspector will work with the customer to create the most effective protection plan possible. If a customer declines protection, then that is his or her prerogative. The customer still gets to keep the traps, the report, the map and all photos and videos.

We are confident, however, that our inspections, reports and protection plans speak for themselves. We don’t upsell customers on anything, because there is nothing to upsell. Each rodent protection plan is tailored to the individual customer’s needs, and no two plans are the same. The true cost of a free rodent inspection is the expertise and thoroughness.

To schedule an inspection with one of our certified professionals, call Eastside Exterminators at (425) 482-2100 today. Protect your home from rats and mice today!