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Squirrel In Attic - Bothell

Squirrels in Attic of My Bothell Home! What Should I Do?

Do you think you have a squirrel or other wildlife in your attic? When it comes to being outdoors, we’re all used to seeing squirrels in the Greater Seattle Area. But squirrels often enter homes in Bothell  in search of shelter, and attics offer them the best protection from predators. You may hear skittering, scratching and other noises coming from your ceilings, walls, or under your floor. Broken soffits, open vents, and holes in the roof are the common routes that provide entry for squirrels into an attic. Having squirrels in your attic or elsewhere on your property can be very damaging. In fact, the constant scampering and chattering noises they make might be the least of your problems.

Squirrel in the House Can Cause Big Problems

Their presence inside your attic, wall and floor voids, eaves, and crawlspaces can cause damage such as:

  • Broken plumbing lines

  • Obstructed chimneys and ducting

  • Raided birdfeeders

  • Ruined insulation

  • Weakened support beams

  • Holes in siding, soffits, and fascia

  • Disabled smoke detectors

Clear Squirrels in Bothell Attics with Professional Squirrel Control

Eastside Exterminators can help get rid of squirrels in your attic in Bothell with our professional squirrel control services.

Our wildlife control experts are fully licensed by the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission, and use our highly-specialized 4-step process:

  1. Humane Trapping and Removal

  2. Full House Exclusion

  3. Contamination Cleanup

  4. Preventing Re-infestation

So, if you’re worried about a squirrel infestation, call to schedule an appointment with a wildlife control expert at (425) 482-2100. We offer affordable services that cover removal and cleanup for a wide range of wildlife and pests.

Protect Your Bothell Home from Squirrels and Squirrel Damage

Eastside Exterminators offers our 4-step process for removing squirrels and keeping them out. Our wildlife control experts are licensed by the Washington Fish & Wildlife Commission and are fully licensed pest control operators. And not only can we provide you with helpful information on squirrels, but most other kinds of pests and wildlife you may have to deal with. Call us to learn more about how our family can protect yours with our affordable, highly-specialized services at (425) 482-2100.

Reduce the Risk of More Squirrels in Attic with Professional Squirrel Control

However, we understand the job of keeping your home safe from wildlife doesn’t end with removal and cleanup. Squirrels’ natural habitats continue to shrink, and so they are increasingly common in attics where insulation is available for nesting. That’s why we’ll also work with you to implement proven exclusion measures, which will reduce the likelihood of infestation reoccurring. This might just mean maintaining trees and bushes around your home, which inhibits squirrels from gaining access to the roof. However, depending on the design and state of your house, we can also help with:

  • Sealing entry points and structural weaknesses such as the roof
  • Installing chimney caps and screens
  • Repairing screen vents where needed
  • Erecting additional barriers such as chicken wire
  • Offering recommendations for securing food sources

More About Our 4-Step Squirrel (wildlife) Control Process:

Step 1: Wildlife Evaluation

It's not pleasant to think about, but many wildlife species like to nest in our attics and crawlspaces. Especially squirrels. Squirrels in the Pacific Northwest seek shelter from predators and harsh weather in these areas. These wild invaders can contaminate insulation, damage electrical wiring, and leave droppings that are hazardous to your health. That’s why quick trapping and removal of squirrels (and other wildlife) is our specialty. Each critter demands a different approach to wildlife removal. Therefore, the first step to removing the wildlife safely is assessing the problem. It is important to know for sure what type of problem you are facing to apply the appropriate removal and extermination techniques

Eastside Exterminators handles all types of wildlife issues, like raccoons, squirrels, bats, opossums, and nuisance birds, as well as pests (bugs) and rodent infestations. So, with 50 years of experience, we know what to do when a squirrel has invaded your property! Call us at (425) 482-2100 for trapping and removal services you can count on.

Step 2: Wildlife Exclusion in Bothell (Keeping Squirrels and Other Wildlife Out of the House)

Wildlife Exclusion - keep wildlife out of homesSquirrels and other animals may get in to your home, but Eastside Exterminators will clear them out, clean up carefully and repair any damage they have caused. Although we cannot guarantee that wildlife won't try to re-enter your home, our technicians work to personalize every wildlife solution to each home they treat.

We use high-quality materials and methods to prevent squirrels and other animals from re-entry. Keeping squirrels and other wildlife out is called "wildlife exclusion."

Protect your roof, siding, attic and crawlspace from wildlife damage! Whether it’s opossums, squirrels, raccoons, beavers, or more, we can clear the infestation and repair the damage. Call Eastside Exterminators today at (425) 482-2100 for fast, effective wildlife control .

Step 3: Squirrel Contamination Cleanup (Important Sanitization)

Squirrels living and nesting in a Bothell home can damage insulation, wiring, and even the structure itself. In addition, exposure to squirrels poses a health risk for your family. Dried urine, saliva and fecal matter may be carrying dangerous germs. So it is essential to replace contaminated insulation. Our expert technicians will safely and quickly remove filth and debris from, decontaminate, and deodorize your attic and crawlspaces. After that, we will install fresh insulation to restore energy efficiency to your home.

Step 4: Prevention (Protection from future squirrel infestation)

We are surrounded by the great outdoors here in the Pacific Northwest . In our unique environment, it’s common for people to live near lakes, mountains, forests and wetlands. A side effect of this is that we tend to co-exist with wildlife, which sometimes infests our homes. Our wildlife technicians are well-prepared to educate you on best practices for wildlife control to reduce the likelihood of re-infestation. Eastside Exterminators technicians are certified by the Washington Department of Fish and Game. We work closely with our customers special situations to prevent future problems with squirrels and other wildlife.