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seattle-ratsDid you know that around 40% of the animals found in the US are considered rodents? It may come as a surprise to you, but a rodent is simply defined as an animal with sharp teeth that need to be kept short through chewing continually on plants, seeds, and wood.

In terms of pest control, we specifically refer to mice, gophers, rats, and squirrels as the prime rodent pests. It is these rodents that are notorious for destroying property, by gnawing on trees, wood, and plants. Not to mention the fact that their nesting habits can destroy properties, as they make their homes underground and in trees. The success of rodents as a pest is due to their hardiness, small size, breeding cycle, and their ability to eat… well, just about anything. They’re more than happy to eat human food, and they don’t have a problem feasting on pet foods either.


Rodent Exclusion

seattle exterminationYou’ll know that you have an active rodent problem if you see tracks, dropping, smear marks on the wall, or fresh gnawing. They build their nests using shredded paper and any other material they can find, and those nests are usually located in sheltered locations. Rodents are also guilty of being smelly, so if you’re noticing a seriously unpleasant, musky odor- you might want to call in a Seattle extermination company.

Unfortunately, they are great at climbing, and they can scale just about any rough vertical service. They can also run along ropes and wire cables, as well as jump as much as a foot from the floor onto a surface. When it comes to smaller rodents, like mice, they can slip through cracks that are just an eighth of an inch wide. Not to mention that they can live on as little as three grams of food a day.

Common Rodent Pests

  • Squirrels
  • Brown rat
  • Tree squirrel
  • Roof rat
  • Deer mouse
  • Pocket gopher
  • Ground squirrel
  • Norway rat
  • Eastern gray squirrel
  • House mouse




You may need Seattle extermination service to deal with bats, but they are being mistakenly called flying rodents. Interestingly, thanks to their webbed forelimbs that have developed as wings, bats are the only mammal that can sustain flight. There are over 1000 species of bats worldwide, and that makes up 20% of all of the world’s classified mammal species.

The majority of bats are nocturnal, with their primary activities kicking in at twilight. During daylight, they spend their time resting, grooming, and sleeping. Come nightfall, they emerge to start hunting. This allows them to avoid competing for food with the birds. They also rarely take flight in the rain- rain interferes with their echo location, which makes it difficult for them to locate food.

Despite the common belief that bats are blind, this is not true. Their eyes are poorly developed and small, so they do have poor eyesight- they compensate for this with a heightened sense of hearing and smell. Their senses can take them huge distances in their search for food.

Bats perform an important ecological role, so we make sure to take care of your problem, while respecting the role that bats play in our world.

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