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Keep Rats and Mice Away with Rodent Protection

Once Eastside Exterminators has completed rodent exclusion in your house, we can offer you a follow-up rodent protection plan. This follow-up plan is custom-designed by one of our pest management professionals to work with your house’s layout and surroundings. Because of this, rodent protection is one of the most important services we can provide to homeowners and business owners. It will help reduce the exterior rodent population around your property, and minimize the likelihood of re-infestation.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of our unique 4-step rodent control process, you’re going to need rodent protection. Call to learn more about and schedule affordable removal services from Eastside Exterminators at 425-482-2100.


Why Rodent Protection Matters

rodent protection

While exclusion is important for restoring your house, and eliminating existing entry points, rodent protection keeps rats and mice out. That is to say, it reduces the likelihood of re-infestation by stopping new rats from getting inside which may be attracted by telltale signs left by the previous ones.

Specifically, rats and mice use urine scent trails to navigate from areas where they gather food to wherever they nest. Since rodents were nesting in your house, they have left urine scent trails in and around it. This makes it easier for them to return to your home through secluded entry points after foraging for food.

The bigger problem is that other rodents will instinctively use these scent trails after the original infestation has been cleared. For those other rodents, the trails are like a signpost letting them know that your home is a good place to live, eat, and reproduce in. Once a rodent detects such a scent trail emanating from your house, it will attempt to find entry points. And if it can’t find any, it will make new ones. Which means before you know it, you could be dealing with thousands of dollars of new rodent damage. This is an issue that exclusion alone can’t solve.


How Rodent Protection Works

rodent protectionBecause Eastside Exterminators has been dealing with rats and mice since 1969, we know how determined they can be. They will continue to look for and make new entry points into your homes and businesses unless they are stopped. This remains true even after your home has been sealed up. Because of this, at this stage in rodent control, we will:

  • Conduct another inspection to assess exclusion repairs, and to identify new entry points around your house if there are any.
  • Remove any rodents that have been caught by traps, which were put in place during the initial inspection.
  • Place new traps around your property based on our follow-up rodent protection plan, which will help to stop a re-infestation.

It’s imperative to control the outdoor rodents around your home by reducing their population. Doing so will make re-infestation that much less likely. This is why your rodent protection plan will include new trapping systems that keep new rats and mice away.


Stay Free from Rats and Mice

Follow-up rodent protection plans help Eastside Exterminators go the extra mile to keep rodents away from your family. But our great service doesn’t stop with rats and mice. We can also help you deal with local wildlife infestation with our effective wildlife control. Whatever your home or business needs, call to learn more about our proven services at 425-482-2100.