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Rodent Control is a Four Part Process

Rat Control and Mouse Control takes 4 Steps to be Successful

rat control and mouse control is a 4-step process

Rat and Mouse Damage - Debris in attic.

Rats, mice and other rodents can cause significant damage to crawlspaces and attics. Since they carry diseases and parasites, it is vital to establish a customized rodent control program. Our Four Step Process provides the homeowner with a proven method of preventing re-infestation of your home.

Our unique Four Step Process for rodent exclusion work comes with a lifetime warranty when the homeowner follows all of our recommendations.  Excluding one-time services.

  • Inspection
  • Exclusion and repairs also known as rodent proofing
  • Clean-up
  • Protection

Why is rodent control important for my home?

When rats and mice enter the home, it's not just a nuisance. Rats and mice carry more than 35 diseases that can affect humans. Their dried feces, urine and even saliva can spread germs in the dust that can infect anyone who disturbs the dust surrounding their nests. Plus, they can do serious damage to the insulation and wiring in your home, causing fire hazards.

Mouse Control and Rat Control that is Guaranteed

To qualify for the lifetime warranty, you must have consistent and ongoing rodent protection service that is maintained by Eastside Exterminators. And any problems while on the pest management service will be retreated until the problem is resolved, at no charge.

Our rodent control services include repairs and removal of mice and rats to prevent re-infestation. Eastside Exterminators provides an experienced pest management professional to control rodents around your home as part of the rat control and mouse control program to eliminate rats and mice before they can re-establish residency in the house.

Mouse Control and Rat Control Services for Residential and Commercial Property

crawl space clean up - rat control - mouse control - SEATTLE WA - dead cat

Protect your family from dangerous diseases and unhealthy germs by cleaning animal debris from your crawl space.

After our pest management professional has eliminated rats and mice in your crawl space, we have a team that restores any areas to original condition that have been damaged by rodents, including:

  • Experienced rodent and wildlife removal
  • Waste removal
  • Attic and crawlspace cleaning and restoration
  • Sanitizing infected areas
  • Heat duct repair and replacement
  • Insulation and vapor barrier replacement
  • Rodent control by exclusion repair of entry points
crawl space clean up - rat control - mouse control - rodent control

Crawl space clean up is an extremely important step in protecting your home and family from the dangers of a rodent infestation

In addition, you will receive continued protection of your home or business with our exterior system of rodent control. This external mouse control and rat control system reduces the mice and rat population and prevents re-infestation.

In addition to providing an experienced rat exterminator and rat control services for residential and commercial property, we have a rodent abatement program that is efficient to keep your building and construction projects on schedule. Therefore you can easily satisfy the City of Seattle's Rodent Abatement laws.

Want to Get Rid of Rodents? Call the Best Mice and Rat Technicians!

rodent inspection - mouse control - rat control - specialized technicians

In a home less than 3,000 square feet, an Eastside Exterminators Rodent Inspection is so thorough it takes nearly three hours to complete.

Our family has been protecting families in the Seattle area for 50 years. So for the most effective rodent control services in the Seattle area, call our mice and rat technicians!

Also, a thorough inspection by our highly-trained rodent inspectors will efficiently identify rodent entry points, followed by an immediate rodent control trapping system installation by our mice and rat control expert.

Then as part of our continued protection of your home or business, our mice and rat control expert will install and maintain an exterior system for controlling rodents.

Call Eastside Exterminators to learn more about our Four Step Process for control services and repairs to prevent re-infestation. 425-629-0359