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Rodent Control Maple Valley WA

Mouse Control and Rat Control Services for Maple Valley WA -
Stop Rodent Infestations

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A tiny intruder can cause huge problems!

Do you think you might have a rat or mouse living in your Maple Valley house? For the safety of your home and family, it is extremely important to keep rats and mice out of your house. Rodents carry diseases and can do serious damage to your home. If you need professional rodent control near Maple Valley, then you need Eastside Exterminators. Our certified technicians provide the best mouse control Maple Valley has ever seen. With nearly 50 years of experience in the area, we are the local experts in pest and rodent control in the Seattle area. But you don't have to take our word for it -- read what our satisfied customers have to say.

Maple Valley Rodent Control is Special

Maple Valley is a very special region in the greater Seattle area because the geography and environment are perfect for rodents. The forested lands, the lakes and rivers, the vast beautiful neighborhoods full of large new and older homes - all of these things make it easier for rats and mice to thrive. Humans and their houses offer greater food accessshelter from the chilly temperatures and rain, and a variety of sources of water. Plus, without proper home preparation (like rodent exclusion repairs), our cozy homes make for great nesting and breeding grounds. Chances are that if you see one mouse, or even if you just see new evidence of mouse or rat activity, you have a much greater rodent problem than you think. The convenient access to water and the abundance of homes makes Maple Valley very attractive to rodents. So if you live in Maple Valley , you might need rat control or mouse control. We're here to help.

What is the difference between a rat infestation and a mouse infestation?

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When rodents have access to water, they thrive.

Rats and mice seem very similar, but there's more than just a size difference between the two. Rats, the larger rats, are much more cautious and avoid anything new in their paths. Mice are, on the other hand, very curious and like to investigate new things. Rats like to use the same paths for getting from place to place. Mice tend to wander about and explore. Also, a mouse needs much less food and water to survive and thrive, so they may be more common and more difficult to eradicate. Therefore, there are very different approaches to trapping and eradicating the two different species. Mice can also breed at a much faster rate than rats, and a small problem can get extremely large very quickly!

Prevent Future Damage in your Maple Valley home with Rat Control and Mouse Control near Maple Valley

rat control - mouse control - rodent damage in Marysville

Typical rodent damage along ducts in crawl space.

In fact, rodent infestations require immediate mice and rat control because of the significant damage they can cause to building structures, such as:

  • Structural damage
  • Electrical fires caused by chewing on electrical wires
  • Destruction of insulation used for nesting
  • Vapor barrier destruction

Rodent control is also essential in the prevention of human health hazards from exposure to droppings, urine and harmful parasites. Our licensed inspectors can efficiently identify rodent entry points, followed by an immediate mice and rat control trapping system installation by our trained experts. As part of our Four-Part Process for continued protection of your building structure we also install and maintain an exterior system for controlling rodents.

Rats and mice in Maple Valley homes are more common than you would think.

But our highly-trained, certified exterminators will make sure your home is free of rodents. When you choose Eastside Exterminators for your Maple Valley rodent control service, you get:

  • Complete rodent inspection of your home
  • Setting and maintaining rat and mouse traps around your house
  • Quality rodent exclusion using rat-proof materials
  • Thorough cleaning and sanitation of all areas affected by rats and mice
  • Regular service visits and maintenance of all rodent control work

Call us today at (425) 482-2100 to schedule an inspection, and get the best Maple Valley rodent protection!

Be Sure to Use a Licensed, Bonded Exterminator for Rodent Control Maple Valley WA

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A thorough Rodent Inspection is the first step to solving the problem.

When you choose rodent control for Maple Valley homes from Eastside Exterminators, you get more than a one-time visit. Our inspectors and technicians are highly trained and licensed in every aspect of rodent control near Mill Creek. Our proven four-step method covers every step of the rodent process:

There are a great number of safety measures and practices to remember in mouse control. Rather than take a chance and put yourself or your home in danger, call a professional to take care of your rat problem in Maple Valley.

No Matter What You Need, Eastside Will Protect Your Home and Family

Careful inspection of your home is the first step to rat control - Marysville

It can be difficult to prevent rodent problems in Maple Valley. Our specialized technicians are experts in specific areas of rodent control, so every step of the process is conducted by professionals highly trained in that individual aspect. This includes preventing future infestations, to keep rats out of your home.

We will make sure to get rodents out, and keep them out for good. Call us now!

Why Choose Us Over Other Companies when you're lookingi for rodent control near Maple Valley?

If you have rats or mice in Maple Valley, then you need Eastside Exterminators on the job. Our certified technicians are the go-to experts for all your pest problems in the Seattle area. Handling a rodent infestation is a big job, so you need professional help for your Maple Valley home. Call us today at (425) 482-2100 and start protecting your home!