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Rodent Control in Federal Way, WA – Stop Rodent Infestations!

Rodent Control in Federal Way, WA – Stop Rodent Infestations!


Homeowners in any area know how nasty a rodent infestation can be. This also applies to Federal Way, WA residents who find their home infested with rats, mice, or squirrels. Thankfully, Eastside Exterminators is here to help with professional rodent control and rodent removal methods in the Federal Way area.

Why is it so important to remove and eliminate these rodents permanently? These pests carry germs and disease, are totally destructive, and can cause all manner of damage. Health problems are a large concern for anyone living in a rodent-infested area. Think you may have a rodent control problem? Here’s how you can tell:

  • Chewed wires and furniture
  • Strange scratching noises from the walls or in the basement
  • Rat, mice, or squirrel droppings throughout your Federal Way home
  • Nasty odors in certain areas

Rats can be dangerous, especially if cornered. Do not attempt rodent removal on your own in Federal Way. Call a company that can handle this problem with proven rodent control and rodent removal methods, and that uses proper safety measures.


Mice and Rat Control in Federal Way is a Four Step Process

Before any rat control or rodent removal can be performed, there are four steps a company must undertake in Federal Way. Each step is used to determine the severity of the problem, as well as the methods to be used in rat control or rodent removal. Our company follows these steps to provide the best mice and rat control services possible:

  • First, we determine how bad the infestation is
  • Then we figure out what kind of rodents are present
  • We determine how they are entering your home
  • Finally, we choose the appropriate rodent removal method

Federal Way homeowners can rest easy knowing that the company they hire will completely provide rat control, mice control, and squirrel control on their Federal Way property.

Prevent Further Damage in Federal Way with Rat and Mice Control

There are several mice control and rodent removal tips that Federal Way homeowners can use to prevent rodent infestation. While you may need help with mice control despite your best efforts, it’s wise to:

  • Thoroughly inspect your property
  • Identify entry points
  • Keep garbage in sealed containers
  • Call a mice control company for further inspection

Many Federal Way homeowners try to set out traps, but nothing beats the services of a professional rat or mice control and rodent removal company. Don’t wait and see if your mice control problem will solve itself; call the pros and get them out of there.

When you need Federal Way rodent control and rodent removal services for home and business properties, call (425) 482-2100. Eastside Exterminators are experts at rat and mice control in Federal Way.