Rodent Control in Factoria – Stop Rodent Infestations!

/Rodent Control in Factoria – Stop Rodent Infestations!
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Rodent Control in Factoria Stop Rodent Infestations!


Rodent Control in FactoriaDid you know that if you have seen even one rodent there is a strong likelihood you may have a rodent infestation requiring professional rat and mice control services?

Conditions that contribute to rodent infestation require identification and elimination with effective mice and rat control methods in order to be successful.

Professional rat and mice control services are essential to stop rodent infestations for home and business owners in Factoria because these rodents have the ability to:

  • Cause significant structural damage
  • Transmit diseases to humans
  • Contaminate food and water

Our licensed specialist highly-trained in mice and rat control methods can conduct a thorough inspection to identify entry points to provide our installers with precise locations for interior and exterior rodent trapping system installations.

Call us today to learn more about one of the most effective systems for rodent control with our Four-Part Process.

Mice and Rat Control in Factoria is a Four-Part Process


We are proud of our unique Four-Part Process for mice and rat control because of its proven effectiveness.

Our Four-Part Process for rodent control offers a lifetime warranty, excluding one-time services, for clients in Factoria following all of our recommendations. It provides effective rat and mice control using:

  • A 33-point inspection
  • Exclusion and repairs
  • Cleanup and sanitization
  • Protection with exterior rodent control

Once our licensed technician has eliminated rodents in your home or business we have a team that restores any areas damaged by rodents back to original condition.

We look forward to your inquiry so that we can tell you more about the effectiveness of our rat and mice control Four-Part Process with customized methods to prevent future re-infestation.

Prevent Future Damage in Factoria with Rat and Mice Control


Rodent Control in FactoriaWhen rats and mice have invaded your landscape, unless your home or business is truly protected with professional rat and mice control services, you will eventually find evidence of them indoors.

In fact, in the absence of professional mice and rat control you could experience a full-scale invasion in less than four months because rodents reproduce so rapidly.

Rodent control is vital in eliminating destructive rodent damage to homes and commercial building structures in Factoria, such as:

  • Structural damage
  • Rodent-induced fires
  • Energy loss from insulation and vapor barrier damage
  • Destruction of insulation, electrical wiring and plumbing

We also recommend professional rodent control to prevent the risk of health hazards from exposure to droppings, urine and harmful parasites.

Call Eastside Exterminators to prevent infestation with our proven Four-Part Process for mice and rat control.