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Rodent Control in Des Moines – Stop Rodent Infestations!

Rodent Control in Des Moines – Stop Rodent Infestations!


Do you have a mice infestation? Do you have a rodent control problem in your Des Moines, WA home or business? We are the rodent control company to call! We at Eastside Exterminators can provide mouse control and rat removal services in Des Moines that vastly exceed our competition.

If you’re noticing signs of a mice infestation, like:

  • Scratching in the walls or ceilings of your property
  • Dropping on the floors and under furniture
  • Holes in furniture, bedding, food containers, etc.

… you need to call a mouse control company that knows what they’re doing! Don’t let your Des Moines property get overrun; call us ASAP at (425) 482-2100 if you are concerned that you have a rodent control dilemma on your hands.


Mice and Rat Control in Des Moines is a Four-Part Process

There is no such thing as a “one-and-done” approach to mouse control and rat removal in Des Moines. We specialize in a four-step, proven approach to mice and rat control, including:

  • Assessing your scale of the infestation
  • Trapping the rodents humanely
  • Removing the rodents and any sign they were there
  • Sealing up their entry points to prevent future infestation

We do all of this in an affordable, safe way, using products that are humane for mice and rat control purposes and eco-friendly, as well. We provide quick scheduling so you don’t have to wait a day longer to rid your Des Moines property of its mice infestation.

Prevent Future Damage in Des Moines with Rat and Mice Control

Most of the time, property owners in Des Moines don’t even know where their rat and mice control problem came from, let alone how to get rid of it. If you’re not enjoying the company of these furry creatures, it’s time you called a reputable mouse control and rat removal company in Des Moines.

We get rid of the mice control problem and then prevent the problem from returning by:

  • Assessing entry points
  • Sealing off entrances / exits
  • Fixing the damaged siding, roofing, insulation, etc. where the mice infestation was hiding

Rat removal and mice control are not things you should take lightly. Getting rid of these pests immediately will reduce exposure to hazardous conditions for you, your family, or your employees and patrons. Don’t waste time and call us for help with your mice infestation.

For rodent or mice control services for your home or business in Des Moines, call Eastside Exterminators at (425) 482-2100. We are experts who can fix your pest problem in no time!