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Mouse Control - for mice in your home (and rats!)

Eastside Exterminators has a proven, 4-Step Rodent Control Process

Nobody likes the idea of mice infesting their home, doing damage under the floors and behind the walls. And unlike other pests of the northwest, rats and mice are a year-round problem in our area. Fortunately, when it comes to rodent control, Eastside Exterminators has all the expertise you need. Our unique 4-Step rodent control process is proven to get rodents out of your home and protect your family and property from future re-infestation. We know how rodents think and where they go. This is why our unique approach to rodent removal and control works, and is like no other.

Step 1 – Rodent Inspection

crawl space inspecting for evidence of rats and miceOur trained Rodent Inspector carefully and thoroughly inspects the entire home from top to bottom to identify all current and potential entry points for rats and mice and other rodents. This includes: crawl spaces, attics, roofs, exterior perimeter, garages, basements, below any accessible decks, any structures attached to the home, and the interior of the home. Photos are taken of rodent damage and rodent entry points. Our Rodent Inspector will set up traps in all infested areas.
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Step 2 – Exclusion Repairs

mouse and rat exclusion repairs all over the houseThe next step is to "exclude" the rats and mice - keeping them out of your home. Our trained Exclusion Technician follows a detailed report and map given to them by the Rodent Inspector. Then the Exclusion Technician makes the necessary repairs to seal off all current and potential rodent entry points using rodent-proof materials. We check the rodent trapping system installed by our Rodent Inspectors, remove trapped rodents, re-bait and re-set the trapping system. Our Exclusion Technician keeps rats and mice from re-entering your home.
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Step 3 – Follow-up Inspection/Home Protection

Our trained Follow-up Inspector re-inspects all exclusion repairs made to the home, carefully looks for any new entry points made by the rodents, and inspects for new exit points made by the rodents. We remove the remaining trapped rodents from the home and the trapping system. We set-up our exterior rodent protection system according to your homes specific layout.
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Step 4 – Sanitation/Clean-up

Our team of trained Sanitation Technicians will remove the rodent contaminated materials by following the detailed sanitation report from our Rodent Inspector. Afterward, depending on where the damage is located, they will clean up rodent feces, nesting sites, damaged insulation, plastic vapor barrier, and more. Followed by sanitizing and deodorizing any areas we’ve removed material. We will then replace all with new, up to code and better materials. We take care to protect the interior of the home as not to contaminate the interior living space.
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Why rodent control is so important for your home?

Our Warranty

When a rodent inspection has been completed, when all recommended exclusion repairs have been performed by Eastside Exterminators, and when the structure is on our Pest Protection Program; Eastside Exterminators warrants all of our exclusion repairs against the target pest (in this case, rodents).

This is what makes us unique. We as a company take pride in being passionately committed to doing the right thing for your family and ours. We believe if we take care of our people they will take care our customers. Our motto is: “Our Family Protecting Families!” Take it from what our customers have to say about our service.

Highly Trained and Specialized Inspectors and Rodent Control Professionals.

No other company offers this approach to rodent control. Our family has been perfecting this process since 1969. We continually educate and train our technicians with over 100 hours of educational classes and on hands training per year.

We Go Where Other Pest Control Companies Don’t So the Job Gets Done!

Getting rid of mice and rats is not an easy task! If you’re going to completely clear the infestation, it’s vital to inspect the entire structure, including the roof. Roof access points account for up to half of all rodent entry points into a home. And you can’t leave any entry points open, as the instincts of rodents are to return to their nest. This could mean, for instance, that if you only seal off your lower levels, rodents will simply enter from above. Therefore, we take every measure to seal off the entire home, so you have the best likelihood of avoiding re-infestation.

Schedule an Eastside Exterminators Rodent Inspection for your home or business, performed by one of our highly trained Rodent Inspectors. Call to learn more about our affordable services at (425) 482-2100.