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Rodent Abatement

Rodent Abatement in the Greater Seattle Area

Seattle and the surrounding areas are seeing a lot of new construction projects starting up on an ongoing basis. Unfortunately, Seattle is also one of the worst cities in the country for rats. Thus, if you are applying for a permit that involves demolition, grading, or land surface modification, you need rodent abatement (sometimes known as rat abatement). This is a mandatory process, and is required for these activities by multiple municipalities in the area besides Seattle itself.

Eastside Exterminators offers fast and effective rodent abatement services that help you keep your demolition and construction projects on track. To learn more about this and other pest control services that we offer, call (425) 482-2100 today.

Information About Rodent Abatement

Rodent abatement is now a mandatory requirement for construction and demolition projects in cities in King County. This is because these activities can disturb rodent habitats, causing them to disperse and infest multiple other locations.

In order to carry out a rodent abatement program, permit applicants need a contract with a licensed pest control company. The company must possess a Commercial Applicator license from the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Documentation to this effect must be provided to the government of the city in which the application is made.

The exception to this requirement is cases where there are no rats on the property that the permit applies to. In such cases, the relevant city can choose to waive the requirement for an abatement program. However, this waiver will still require submission of a written recommendation from the contracted pest control operator.


Rodent Abatement Requirements

Generally, professional rodent abatement necessitates the use of effective rodent control methods to totally clear infestations from a property. The Eastside Exterminators 4-step process for clearing rodents employs the requisite inspection, exclusion, trapping, and repair techniques for qualified abatement.

With that said, the exact requirements for a permit application may vary depending on the specific city code.

Find out more information on rat abatement requirements in the City of Seattle.

Click here for information on requirements in the City of Shoreline.

Lastly, for information on requirements in the City of Kirkland, click here. Refer specifically to section 2.1.

Additionally, rodent abatement documentation must include the following information:

  • Identification of the site.
  • Description of the specific steps that will be taken for abatement.
  • Provision of a start date for abatement activities no less than 15 days before demolition, clearing, or grading activity.
  • Indication the abatement will continue at least until the commencement of these activities.

Once all the necessary preparations have been made to meet city requirements, rodent abatement can begin. Following the completion of abatement, you can start your demolition and construction activities.

Professional Rodent Abatement

Eastside Exterminators can meet all the rodent abatement requirements for your demolition project in cities around King County. As a licensed pest control operator that has been operating in the area since 1969, we know how to deal with rats and mice. To schedule our services, call (425) 482-2100 today.