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Real Estate Pest Solutions

Pest Control and Real Estate Pest Solutions

Are you just about to place your home on the real estate market and found evidence of pests that have invaded your property? Now is the time to pick up your telephone and call us for real estate pest control service to assess your home, to identify the species invading your home and recommend a treatment. (425) 482-2100. We can also establish a home pest control and service plan so that you can be assured there will not be a recurrence.

We adapt to your timeline by working with you to implement the proper inspection and re-inspection with necessary treatment applications completed by the close of escrow.

We are:

  • A highly-qualified and licensed pest control operator
  • Experienced in resolving pest problems since 1969
  • Knowledgeable and professional inspectors

Call Eastside Exterminators for a home pest inspection when buying or selling a home. We will provide a fast and affordable pest inspection.


Pest Control by a Licensed Pest Control Technician


We go where other company’s don’t. Roof access point account for up to half of all entry points on a home. When buying or selling a home or property, an assessment by a licensed pest control technician is usually required. We are highly-qualified and licensed in home pest inspection with experience in assisting realtors in resolving pest problems since 1969.The following list is an example of what we will do for you:

  • Wood destroying organism inspections and reports
  • Attic and crawlspace cleanup
  • Rodent control and exclusion
  • Insulation removal and installation
  • Vapor barrier installation
  • Air duct repair and replacement

We provide an initial pest service when buying or selling a home to ensure satisfactory condition and structural integrity of the house. Contact us for a fast and affordable pest inspection.

Why Choose Us When You Need Home Pest Control?

Our technicians are thorough in handling real estate pest control, especially finding signs of pest problems. An essential element in buying or selling a home is determining if there is or have been pest infestations. A pest inspection is one of our many services. We are licensed and experienced in working with realtors in determining if a home has had pest infestations.

Our licensed structural pest management professionals will create a written report on the property following an inspection that includes the following, but not limited to:

  • Checking for infestation by wood-boring insects such as carpenter ants
  • Searching for carpenter ants, bees and ants
  • Looking for signs of rodents

We provide a thorough initial home pest inspection. Contact Eastside Exterminators for thorough and professional pest control. (425) 482-2100