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Where Do Rats Go In a Snowstorm?

Where Do Rats Go In a Snowstorm?

Seattle's Snowpocalypse 2019 probably has you hunkered down at home, cozied up by the fire and avoiding the elements at all costs. Unfortunately, you're probably not alone. Animals of all shapes and sizes are seeking refuge from the cold, and some of the very worst pests will be looking to your home as a sanctuary. Rats in snow will look for shelter in the same place as you -- inside your home!

What can you do to keep rats out in the snow? Just like in sports, the best defense is a good offense. Eastside Exterminators will ensure your home is safe and protected with a comprehensive, proactive plan to keep out rodents. Call now at 425-482-2100 for a complete-home inspection from one of our certified professionals, and stay rodent-free!rats in snow

Rats in Snow Have Tricks to Stay Alive

If you're wondering what rats do to stay alive through a snowstorm like this, it's really a three-part approach:

  • Stockpile: Rats and mice have been preparing for this kind of weather since the early fall, stocking up on food to hold them over through the lean times. Rodents can't fatten up like hibernating animals to stay warm, so they have to stow away as much food as possible for occasions like these.
  • Burrow: To keep warm and out of the cold, rats and mice will burrow into the dirt to create safe, warm spots to ride out a storm. Unfortunately, these burrows often end up under your house. Rodents love the warm, dry crawl space under your house.
  • Nest: Rats that have managed to carve out a comfortable nest will retreat there during harsh weather. If you have been hearing strange noises like scratching, squeaking and gnawing while you've been homebound, it could be rodents avoiding the snow.winter pest guide

Rodents Are Desperate

Rats and mice are very creative (and determined) when trying to get into houses. That goes double when trying to get out of the snow. They will try to chew and squeeze their way into any crack or crevice they can find. As this snowstorm continues, you may find your home with some unwelcome visitors. If rats and mice are invading your home, then call us now at 425-482-2100. We'll make sure the only things enjoying the warmth of your home are you and your family.

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