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Rats in my Car – What can I do?

Rats in my Car – What can I do?

How and why are rats getting in my car?

Rodents and other small wildlife are always searching for shelter and food. This can lead to infestations in your home, but it can also lead to rodents and wildlife nesting in your car. The damage from rats in cars can be significant, and can point to more problems near your house.

The engine and interior of your car is very inviting to rodents. Not only are the spaces dry and warm, rodents eat food left behind in cars as well as actual part of cars themselves. Some new cars feature parts derived from soy instead of plastic, and rodents have been known to eat these parts and cause significant damage to cars.

Rodents find their way into cars when the cars are:

  • Parked outdoors for extended periods of time
  • Parked near thick bushes or woodpiles
  • Damaged or leaking, creating holes near the ground
  • Parked in rural areas

If rats in cars are a problem for you, then it may be a sign that more rodents and pests are infiltrating your home. Eastside Exterminators has nearly 50 years of experience and employs professional, specialized technicians to handle your pest and rodent problems. Call Eastside Exterminators today at (425) 482-2100 to schedule an inspection.

How to Keep Rodents Out of Your Car

There are a few steps you can take to prevent rodents from getting into your car:

  • Remove piles of wood, garbage and debris from near your parking spot
  • Remove weeds and overgrown bushes from landscape around parking spot
  • Park inside if possible
  • Don't park under low-hanging trees
  • Park at least five feet from rock walls and retaining walls

Keep your car away from spots where rodents and pests are typically found. Although some of these measures may not be possible for you, take whatever measure you can to protect your car.

If you are plagued by rats in cars, then it likely means there are rodents around your home. Rodents and pests will try to get into the crawlspace and attic of your home, cause serious damage and present health risks to your family. Locally-owned and family-operated since 1969, Eastside Exterminators addresses all your rodent concerns. Call us today at (425) 482-2100 to have one of our professionals visit your house today.