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Rat Slab Installation

Why is there so much buzz about installing a Rat Slab?

Professional Rat Slab Installation for your crawl space

Rat Slabs Keep Rats Out!

Rats are persistent pests. They have evolved to survive and breed in harsher environments than here in the Pacific Northwest. So they are always searching for a way back into your home after you have evicted them, often burrowing from the outside into crawl spaces. One effective method to prevent rats from gaining entry by burrowing is to pour a rat slab in your crawlspace. Once professionals get rats out of your home, then a rat slab helps keep them out for good. It is part of our comprehensive rodent exclusion service and may be an important step in permanently solving rodent issues.

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A thorough Rodent Inspection is necessary to combat mouse or rat infestations.

If you need rat control or mouse control service in Seattle and the surrounding areas, Eastside Exterminators is here for you. Our inspectors will do a complete and thorough evaluation of your attic, crawl space and home structure to identify all access points. Our report includes digital images and even video to show you our findings, and we’ll discuss options to ensure your home is sealed up against entry, which may include installing a rat slab. Start the process now by scheduling a Rodent Inspection.

Benefits of a Rat Slab

A rat slab is just as straightforward as it sounds – a thin slab of non-structural concrete poured over the dirt floor of your crawl space. This impermeable layer protects against rats and mice digging into your crawlspace from the outside of your foundation wall. Combined with other measures to protect your home, a slab is a very effective technique for many homeowners.

However a rat slab provides more benefits than just keeping out rats, too:

  • Helps keep out wood-destroying organisms.
  • Prevents groundwater from entering crawlspace.
  • Keeps crawlspace cleaner and easier to maneuver around.

If you are experiencing rodent problems, call Eastside Exterminators today at (425) 482-2100 to schedule a rodent inspection. Our professional technicians can help determine if a rat slab is right for you. Our unique four-step process protects your home from rodents.

Why You May Need a Rat Slab in Seattle

A slab can be important, because rats and mice can enter your home through openings as small as half an inch wide. A rodent slab seals up the smallest, most hard-to-spot holes in and around your foundation.

A rat slab is perfect solution for many people, however it's not for everyone. A slab is actually most effective at moisture blocking, which keeps mold and mildew from developing in your crawlspace. Builders pour the slab over a vapor barrier and slope it towards a sump pump in one corner of the structure. The moisture is then pumped or drained out and removed from your home's crawl space.

Secondary Benefits of Rat Slab Installation

Professional home builders - people "in the know" - often have a rat slab installation in their own homes. More than just a barrier to rat or mouse invaders, having a rat slab installed in your home's crawl space also offers some other benefits. A properly designed and installed rat slab:

  • Helps keep any ground-dwelling pests from getting into the house (like rodents and subterranean termites)
  • Keeps water from percolating up from the soil, therefore preventing mold and water damage under your house
  • Helps to improve indoor air quality.
  • Creates a cleaner underfloor environment
  • Makes crawling under your house easier (your contractors will thank you)

Call Eastside Exterminators today at 425-482-2100 to see if a rat slab is right for you. With nearly 50 years of experience in King County and Snohomish Counties, our licensed and certified technicians inspect your home and create a comprehensive rodent protection plan. Solve your rat problem by calling us today.

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