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Got Pest Problems? We Have You Covered!

PestYou are probably well aware of a pest problem if they have invaded your home or business! Now the question is what to do about it.

As a family-owned and operated professional pest control business we have made a commitment to our service areas to:

  • Adopt environmentally safe extermination practices
  • Provide the excellent services of our Signature Program
  • Offer our Four Part Process and guarantee for rodent control

If your home or business is under attack by pests, we have you covered with the perfect level of service.

Eastside Exterminators provides professional pest control for home and business properties with fully trained, experienced and licensed technicians. Call us for insect, rodent and wildlife control.


Unwanted Pests Can Cause Damage & Safety Concerns

PestThe benefits in favor of professional pest control are incredibly high related to potential damage and safety concerns.

The following is a brief example of how the safety of both health and structural damage are affected by unwanted pests:

  • Fatal diseases can be transmitted to humans by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks
  • Termites cost an average of $5 billion to Americans in damage repair
  • Rats bite in excess of 45,000 people annually, and can cause fires by chewing wires

Our Pest Management Professionals (PMPs) know how to solve pest problems with products and application technologies efficiently and cost effectively to protect your family, your business and your pets.

Why Choose Us for Professional Pest Control?

We have made a commitment to provide environmentally safe, efficient and effective solutions in solving problems with pests in the areas we serve.

PestOur family-owned and operated company has been in business since 1969 and has built a highly-respected reputation by placing customer service as our highest priority.

We have earned our time-honored reputation by:

  • Providing only fully licensed and trained technicians;
  • Ensuring the safety of children and pets with safe application methods;
  • Using pest management practices that are environmentally responsible;
  • Offering cost effective and competitive pricing with free estimates.

Best of all, you can expect guaranteed satisfaction with our professional pest control warranty program for as long as you maintain regular service with us, excluding one-time service.

Call Eastside Exterminators for professional pest control service for homes and businesses for insect, rodent or wildlife pests. 425-482-2100