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Pest News This Week: Fat Rats, Heat-Vision Mice, and Chopper Drops

Pest News This Week: Fat Rats, Heat-Vision Mice, and Chopper Drops

There's a lot of pest news out there these days. Not all of it is worth your time, though! Fortunately, we're here to sort the important from the forgettable. This is Pest News This Week!

Pest News This Week

Firefighters Rescue Fat Rat Stuck in Sewer Grate

It took more than an hour, and a half-dozen people, to help free one rotund rodent from a manhole cover in Germany this week. Why expend all that energy to save a disease-ridden pest? "Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect," one of the rescuers said.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but WE RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE. If you need to get rid of rats from your house, call us now at 425-482-2100.

pest news this week

How Helicopter Pilots Carpet-Bomb Rats to Save Endangered Species

On the other side of the coin, here is a profile of helicopter pilots who help eradicate invasive rodents from islands around the world. Rats and mice are incredibly destructive to delicate island ecosystems around the world. Scientists and conservationists are constantly fighting to get rid of rodents from these protected areas.

These talented helicopter pilots help plan and execute highly-targeted bait drops around the world. Our rodent control experts bring that same sort of planning and execution to your home!

Mice Gain Infrared Vision After Experiment

A new experiment gave mice the ability to see infrared light. This could lead to humans one day having natural heat vision, or night vision. That's right -- one day, you could see like the Predator! Read more about the (highly scientific) process at Gizmodo.

Nightmare Fuel: Tarantula Eats Possum

Scientists captured video of a dinner-plate-sized tarantula killing and eating a baby possum. Hope you like not sleeping!

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