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Pest Madness: The Final Four is Here!

Pest Madness: The Final Four is Here!

March is in full swing, which means a few things: allergies and sunshine are back, college basketball is heating up ... and pests are out in force! But while sports fans have March Madness, we at Eastside have Pest Madness Day 5. Rodents and bugs are swarming all over Seattle, so let's match up the nastiest critters out there and see who tops them all. It's our inaugural Pest Madness bracket!

Pest Madness Day 5: Final Four! Rodents vs. Bed Bugs, Spiders vs. Ants


pest madness day 5

Day 4 of the Pest Madness tournament saw Bed Bugs pull off the upset to advance past Wasps, setting our Final Four pests. Now, we've got the peskiest of pests, the four most shudder-inducing critters of all. The top-seeded Rodents will take on No. 5 Bed Bugs, while No. 2 Spiders square off with No. 3 ants. Which two are destined for a championship matchup? Make sure to vote in the poll at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and read below for the breakdown!

pest madness day 5pest madness day 5


Are Rodents the King of Pests?

rats in snowStrengths: Rats and mice are some of the most adaptable critters on Earth. They have evolved over time to flourish next to humans in urban settings, and their populations have been growing. Rodents can use garbage and junk for food, shelter, protection and more, meaning their resources are limitless.

Rats can fit through an opening smaller than a quarter, and mice can fit through a space the width of a nickel. They will gnaw through wood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, metal, you name it. Rodents are scrappy and determined, and they can make your life miserable. Fortunately, we've got professionals to help you. If you have rodent problems, then you need our specialized rodent control. Our certified technicians will ensure your home is rodent-free. Call today at 425-482-2100 for an inspection.

Weaknesses: Rodents love peanut butter and cheese ... probably too much, which is why traps work. They're smart, but not smarter than our pest control experts. Not great at hiding evidence of their movements.

The Scourge of Bed Bugs Has Come to Seattle

Strengths: Bed bugs are great survivalists. They can live for months without a food source, lying dormant and only emerging when they can feed. They are very small and thus hard to spot. They can walk right over pesticide treatments without being affected, which is why you need professionals right away when you have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are indiscriminate about where they infest, and can hitch a ride from anywhere into any home. They are prolific breeders and can multiply in a hurry. When getting rid of bed bugs, missing even one bug or egg will make the entire process ineffective. If you have bed bugs, then you need professional pest control right away. Call us at 425-482-2100 now!

Weaknesses: Honestly, bed bugs don't have many weaknesses. They are persistent, hard to spot, difficult to kill and can re-infest easily. Their biggest weakness is that they cannot get into your home without being brought in. They won't crawl through a door or window, although they can move from one apartment to another. They can hardly move from one room to another without being carried, so diligence can help prevent infestation. But once they're in, they are hard to get out.

Spiders Make Their Presence Known

Strengths: Despite their bad reputation and tendency to elicit shrieks, spiders are quite beneficial to humans. They feed on much more intrusive pests like mosquitoes, flies and wasps. They are also not aggressive and rarely bite -- those bite marks you wake up with that you assume are from spiders are likely something else.

heat wave pest controlSpiders are incredibly hardy, able to survive extreme cold and heat intact. They hide and live in the darkest recesses of your home, finding comfortable crevices in crawlspaces, attics and storage spaces that are rarely disturbed. Getting rid of them is a pain, so let us do it for you! Call now at 425-482-2100 for spider control help from our expert professionals.

Weaknesses: Spiders are scaredy-cats. They don't want to interact with humans at all, so you can keep them at bay just by eliminating the conditions they like best. Keep clutter cleaned up, dust and sweep often, and close up small gaps and cracks in your floors and walls. Sweep away webs frequently, which will make it harder for spiders to set up shop.

Ants Come Crawling In With Spring

pest madness day 5

Strengths: The peskiest thing about ants is their sheer number -- there are just so many of them trying to get into your home. When you spot a line of ants crawling on your kitchen counter, that is just a fraction of the total number waiting their turn outside. To truly get rid of ants, you have to find the source, eradicate it, and seal up virtually every entry point int your home.

But keeping ants out is hard, because of ants' second strength -- they're so small! Ants can fit through nearly microscopic openings, making it very difficult to block their path. So ants are incredibly small and strong, and they are an almost infinite number of them. No wonder ants are one of spring's worst pests! If you've got ant problems, then we've got ant solutions. Call us now at 425-482-2100 for professional assistance.

Weaknesses: Ants can't hide very well -- they travel in long lines, making it easy to spot them quickly. Additionally, what ants want is no secret. They want your food. If you keep your counters and floors clean, and food sealed and stored away, then ants will not have a reason to invade your home.

Rodents vs. Bed Bugs, Spiders vs. Ants: Who wins?

The bracket is narrowing to its top contenders. In the Final Four, WHO YA GOT? Make sure to vote at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and keeping watching for more #PestMadness!

Tomorrow: The championship showdown! Who will it be?