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Pest Madness: Wasps and Bed Bugs Face Off!

Pest Madness: Wasps and Bed Bugs Face Off!

March is in full swing, which means a few things: allergies and sunshine are back, college basketball is heating up ... and pests are out in force! But while sports fans have March Madness, we at Eastside have Pest Madness Day 4. Rodents and bugs are swarming all over Seattle, so let's match up the nastiest critters out there and see who tops them all. It's our inaugural Pest Madness bracket!

Pest Madness Day 4: No. 4 Wasps vs. No. 5 Bed Bugs


pest madness day 4

Day 3 of the Pest Madness tournament was another close call, as the third-seeded Ants needed every vote they could get to edge out No. 6 Beetles. Ants did prevail, however, and so far this bracket has been all chalk -- the higher seed has prevailed in every matchup so far. Today is the last, and probably best, chance for an upset. We're looking at two pests that cause our skin to crawl, one that thrives in spring and summer and one that is a menace year-round. As we come out of our winter hibernation, be on the lookout for wasps and bed bugs.

These evenly-matched pests are throwing down in our Facebook and Twitter polls, so head there to cast your vote. Read on below for the breakdown, and call us at 425-482-2100 for all your pest control needs!

pest madness day 4


Sun's Out, Stingers Out: Here Come Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets

hornet control seattleStrengths: For the sake of the bracket, we're actually lumping stinging insects into one group that we labeled "wasps" above. Stinging insects are incredibly prominent when the weather warms up, buzzing and swarming all around the Seattle area. Wasps will build nests under eaves, in bushes, on tree branches and even in the walls of your house. They are incredibly aggressive, and unlike honeybees (which are environmentally-friendly and docile), most wasps don't lose their stinger after stinging.

That stinging and the ability to swarm make wasps, hornets and yellow jackets very dangerous. If you think you have a stinging insect nest in your home, then you need prompt professional help. While honeybees can be removed and re-homed elsewhere, our certified pest control experts will eradicate wasps from your home and make sure they stay gone. Call us now at 425-482-2100 for an inspection!

Weaknesses: As you have probably experienced, it is easy to identify stinging insects without even seeing one -- just listen for the buzzing. Their aggressiveness also works against them, as they will attack rather than flee when threatened. This makes them dangerous, but easier to exterminate.

The Scourge of Bed Bugs Has Come to Seattle

what causes bed bugsStrengths: Bed bugs are great survivalists. They can live for months without a food source, lying dormant and only emerging when they can feed. They are very small and thus hard to spot. They can walk right over pesticide treatments without being affected, which is why you need professionals right away when you have bed bugs.

Bed bugs are indiscriminate about where they infest, and can hitch a ride from anywhere into any home. They are prolific breeders and can multiply in a hurry. When getting rid of bed bugs, missing even one bug or egg will make the entire process ineffective. If you have bed bugs, then you need professional pest control right away. Call us at 425-482-2100 now!

Weaknesses: Honestly, bed bugs don't have many weaknesses. They are persistent, hard to spot, difficult to kill and can re-infest easily. Their biggest weakness is that they cannot get into your home without being brought in. They won't crawl through a door or window, although they can move from one apartment to another. They can hardly move from one room to another without being carried, so diligence can help prevent infestation. But once they're in, they are hard to get out.

Wasps vs. Bed Bugs: WHO YA GOT?

Who's the worst between these two, the fear-inducing wasp or the creep-crawly bed bug? That's up to you. Vote now in our Twitter and Facebook polls, and check back tomorrow to see the winner!

Up Next: The Final Four! No. 2 Spiders and No. 3 Ants go head-to-head in our first semifinal.

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