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Pest Madness: Battle of the Beetles and Ants!

Pest Madness: Battle of the Beetles and Ants!

March is in full swing, which means a few things: allergies and sunshine are back, college basketball is heating up ... and pests are out in force! But while sports fans have March Madness, we at Eastside have Pest Madness Day 3. Rodents and bugs are swarming all over Seattle, so let's match up the nastiest critters out there and see who tops them all. It's our inaugural Pest Madness bracket!

Pest Madness Day 3: No. 3 Ants vs. No. 6 Beetles


pest madness day 3

Day 2 of our pest tournament nearly produced our first upset, and a stunning one at that. The No. 2 seed Spiders barely squeaked past the seventh-seeded Stinkbugs with 55 percent of the vote. Will today's matchup have a Cinderella story to tell? Two of the most annoying pests of spring face off in today's battle. The warming air of spring brings two traditions with it -- spring cleaning, and open windows and doors. But enjoying the spring air and cleaning out your pantry will bring you face-to-face with today's pests: ants and beetles.

You can cast your vote for the more irritating of these two pests at our Twitter or Facebook pages. Read on for the breakdown, and call us at 425-482-2100 for all your pest control needs!

pest madness day 3


Ants Come Crawling In With Spring

Strengths: The peskiest thing about ants is their sheer number -- there are just so many of them trying to get into your home. When you spot a line of ants crawling on your kitchen counter, that is just a fraction of the total number waiting their turn outside. To truly get rid of ants, you have to find the source, eradicate it, and seal up virtually every entry point int your home.

But keeping ants out is hard, because of ants' second strength -- they're so small! Ants can fit through nearly microscopic openings, making it very difficult to block their path. So ants are incredibly small and strong, and they are an almost infinite number of them. No wonder ants are one of spring's worst pests! If you've got ant problems, then we've got ant solutions. Call us now at 425-482-2100 for professional assistance.

Weaknesses: Ants can't hide very well -- they travel in long lines, making it easy to spot them quickly. Additionally, what ants want is no secret. They want your food. If you keep your counters and floors clean, and food sealed and stored away, then ants will not have a reason to invade your home.

Beetles Can Get Places You Wouldn't Believe

Strengths: The worst part about beetles and other stored-product pests is their ability to get into places you thought were inaccessible. Jars, cans, and containers in your pantry that you thought were properly sealed can turn up infested. Beetles are sneaky, hard to spot, and can thrive in a wide array of environments. Also, there are a staggering number of different types of beetles. Scientists have discovered more than 350,000 species of beetle in the world, and estimate there are far more than that still to discover!

So you've got a resilient, sneaky, hard-to-spot pest that can get into almost anything and has a billion family members outside. Beetles are a pain! If you've got pantry pests you need help with, then give us a call at 425-482-2100 today.

Weaknesses: In comparison to ants, beetles are quite large. They're also slow to react and easy to squash. Beetles tend to prefer feeding on plants and crops outside to stuff inside your house. That said, if they find something they like in your home, they won't give it up easily.

Ants vs. Beetles: WHO YA GOT?

Vote now for the worse of these two pests, at our Facebook and Twitter pages. And check back soon for the results of Pest Madness Day 3!

Up next: A titanic matchup between No. 4 Wasps and No. 5 Bed Bugs!

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