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Pest Madness: Spiders and Stinkbugs Duke It Out!

Pest Madness: Spiders and Stinkbugs Duke It Out!

March is in full swing, which means a few things: allergies and sunshine are back, college basketball is heating up ... and pests are out in force! But while sports fans have March Madness, we at Eastside have Pest Madness Day 2. Rodents and bugs are swarming all over Seattle, so let's match up the nastiest critters out there and see who tops them all. It's our inaugural Pest Madness bracket!

Pest Madness Day 2: No. 2 Spiders vs. No. 7 Stinkbugs


The top-seeded Rodents took down no. 8 Bats with ease on Day 1. Today, we match up two of the most prominent spring pests, spiders and stinkbugs. As the sun has started shining and temperatures have risen, you have probably seen more and more spider webs popping up in the corners of your home. Similarly, those ugly shield-shaped stinkbugs are likely showing up on your walls, perched in clear view. Who's the worse of these two pests? Make sure to vote on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and read on for the breakdown.

pest madness day 2


Spiders Make Their Presence Known

Strengths: Despite their bad reputation and tendency to elicit shrieks, spiders are quite beneficial to humans. They feed on much more intrusive pests like mosquitoes, flies and wasps. They are also not aggressive and rarely bite -- those bite marks you wake up with that you assume are from spiders are likely something else.

heat wave pest controlSpiders are incredibly hardy, able to survive extreme cold and heat intact. They hide and live in the darkest recesses of your home, finding comfortable crevices in crawlspaces, attics and storage spaces that are rarely disturbed. Getting rid of them is a pain, so let us do it for you! Call now at 425-482-2100 for spider control help from our expert professionals.

Weaknesses: Spiders are scaredy-cats. They don't want to interact with humans at all, so you can keep them at bay just by eliminating the conditions they like best. Keep clutter cleaned up, dust and sweep often, and close up small gaps and cracks in your floors and walls. Sweep away webs frequently, which will make it harder for spiders to set up shop.

Stinkbugs Stink!

Strengths: Stinkbugs' biggest strength is just showing up. If stinkbugs decide your home and property are suitable as a home, they will start showing up everywhere. They want to eat the plants outside your home, but are too stupid to avoid stumbling into your home in their quest for food. They're big, ugly and make a nails-on-chalkboard sound when they fly. As their name suggests, when you squish them, they emit a foul stench.

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Weaknesses: They don't look like it, but stinkbugs are completely harmless. They don't bite, sting, spread disease or cause destruction. Stinkbugs are incredibly easy to spot, so it's hard for them to invade a home without someone noticing.

Spiders vs. Stinkbugs: Who wins?

In this matchup of multi-legged pests, WHO YA GOT? Make sure to vote at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and come back next week for more #PestMadness!

Next week: No. 3 Ants vs. No. 6 Beetles

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