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The Pest Madness Bracket is Here!

The Pest Madness Bracket is Here!


March is in full swing, which means a few things: allergies and sunshine are back, college basketball is heating up ... and pests are out in force! But while sports fans have March Madness, we at Eastside have Pest Madness. Rodents and bugs are swarming all over Seattle, so let's match up the nastiest critters out there and see who tops them all. It's our inaugural Pest Madness bracket!


Pest Madness is Here

Our Pest Madness bracket features eight of the most prolific pests in the Seattle area. We're looking for the nastiest, most irritating, worst critter out there. Who will it be? We've seeded the pests and are matching them up head to head. You can vote on who you think should win at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and follow along here at our blog for breakdowns of each contest. Today, we're looking at the top-seeded Rodents against the no. 8 seed, Bats. WHO YA GOT? Let's go to the tape:


Are Rodents the King of the Pests?

Strengths: Rats and mice are some of the most adaptable critters on Earth. They have evolved over time to flourish next to humans in urban settings, and their populations have been growing. Rodents can use garbage and junk for food, shelter, protection and more, meaning their resources are limitless.

Rats can fit through an opening smaller than a quarter, and mice can fit through a space the width of a nickel. They will gnaw through wood, plastic, rubber, fiberglass, metal, you name it. Rodents are scrappy and determined, and they can make your life miserable. Fortunately, we've got professionals to help you. If you have rodent problems, then you need our specialized rodent control. Our certified technicians will ensure your home is rodent-free. Call today at 425-482-2100 for an inspection.

Weaknesses: Rodents love peanut butter and cheese ... probably too much, which is why traps work. They're smart, but not smarter than our pest control experts. Not great at hiding evidence of their movements.

Bats Have Some Benefits, But Lots of Dangers

Strengths: Bats actually provide some environmental benefits. They can be a source of "natural" pest control, as they feed on mosquitoes and flies in vast quantities. Some people will install bat boxes (i.e. bat houses) in their backyards, hoping bats will take up residence and keep mosquitoes away. Bat guano is an incredibly effective fertilizer, and bats have provided some entertainment value at NBA games recently.

But bats are vectors of infectious diseases and can cause real damage to homes. They can squeeze through tiny gaps in walls high off the ground, making them hard to keep out or even know when they have invaded a home. If bats are inside your house, then call us now at 425-482-2100 for solutions. Our trained experts will get bats out of your home!

Weaknesses: Blind. Nocturnal, making them vulnerable in daytime. Not as smart as our pest control experts!

Rodents vs. Bats: Who Wins?

So who do you think is the tougher pest, rodents or bats? Cast your vote at our Facebook and Twitter pages, and check back tomorrow for the results!

Tomorrow's matchup: No. 2 Spiders vs. No. 7 Stinkbugs