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Pest Control Near Me

If real life was more like a cartoon, we wouldn’t need to worry about pest control in Seattle, because rats in our home would simply want to get in the kitchen and show us how to cook amazing French cuisine. Unfortunately, real life involves disease carrying rats infesting the inner workings of our homes, causing serious damage.

Why You Need the Rats Outpest control near me

The main reason, of course, is they don’t exactly make the best of bed mates. They are big, they are invasive, filthy, and disgusting. They will take over your home if you allow it. They leave droppings everywhere, and spoil your food. They cause rodent damage to your insulation, the walls, and ceiling, and the worst of all, they breed. All of which leads to much bigger problems.

Rat Disease

Not only should you avoid contact with them, but any area they have touched should be disinfected, because rats are a direct carrier of several diseases. Salmonella, fever, plague, Weil’s Disease, and a variety of other viruses are spread by rats, whether it be the fleas on their back or from their feces. Just because rats don’t look unwell or sickly, doesn’t mean they aren’t carrying a deadly disease. The majority of the time, if they are carrying a disease, they aren’t displaying any signs of illness.  You should first start with a Rodent Inspection


rat removal types of ratsThe Many Types of Rats

There are two main types of rats that you will find throughout American homes. These are the roof rat and the Norway rat. The latter is the most common, often inhabiting low levels of buildings, and living underground. They have short tail and their bodies are gray-brown. The roof rat is a climber, it builds its nests in attics, cabinets, walls, and the roof. These are more commonly found in warmer areas around the coast, and are a particularly common Seattle pest control problem.

Facts About Rats

I know what you’re thinking- surely, they can’t be all bad, after all, some people keep them as pets. Well, obviously most animals serve a purpose. Regardless, here are some fun facts about rats.


  • They can fall as many of 40 feet without sustaining an injury.
  • They have horrific vision, and rely on their whiskers and nose to navigate their surroundings.
  • Rats dream while sleeping.
  • They laugh when they are tickled, though the sound is inaudible to humans.
  • Rats are social- when in their packs, they enjoy playing and cuddling.
  • When one of their pack takes ill, the rest of them will take care of it.
  • Rat meat is everywhere in the Eastern cultures, with it available on sidewalk food stands.


So, while many people are happy to keep rats as pests, no one wants to deal with uninvited, dirty house guests taking over their home and costing them large chunks of money in repairs. Seattle pest removal is the safest and most efficient way to deal with any pest control issue. We can also help with home insulation services, to ensure that once those rats are gone- they stay gone.


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