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Organic Pest Control in Seattle

Organic Pest Control for Your Family

Organic Pest Control for the safety of our children in SeattlePests have a way of finding their way into most homes, and some are highly visible while others are unseen invaders.

As a family-owned and operated pest control company since 1969, we are strong proponents and industry leaders in the use of natural pest control products as a first line of defense.

We have made a commitment to practice green pest control in every way possible, and most especially as it relates to our sincere concern for the safety of children and pets.

The following is representative of some of the methods used by our experienced pest control technicians:

  • Use of eco-responsible green products
  • Exclusion methods
  • Botanical and organic applications and methods
  • Habitat modification

Eastside Exterminators is a leader in organic pest control and natural pest control, including green pest control and low impact treatments that are eco-responsible.

Natural Pest Control  Eco-Responsible Pest Control Products

Green Pest Control and Organic Pest Control SolutionsControlling pests with techniques and solutions that use botanical or organic substances rather than toxic substances is what we are all about as we practice organic pest control.

We are committed to the use of eco-responsible pest control methods that have made us a leader in green pest control solutions. Not only are we concerned with the safety of children and pets, but also in controlling pest infestations while preserving the environment.

Our highly-qualified technicians share our management commitment to green pest control by using pesticide-free solutions wherever possible.

If you are interested in organic pest control and natural pest control treatments that are eco-responsible, please give us a call.

Green Pest Control and Integrated Pest Management

The most effective approach to green pest control utilizes Integrated Pest Management, a method that is more intelligent than extermination techniques of the past. This approach is implemented by looking at the bigger picture, and taking into consideration all the varying factors of a pest infestation, such as conducive conditions and the surrounding environment. We customize a pest control plan best suited for the individual needs of your home and the types of pests that are likely to invade.

Low impact treatments.

Pest control products have evolved dramatically in the past decade. There are now a variety of organic and natural products available. All of our products are safe and environmentally responsible. Deterring pests from your home does not mean you have to worry about the health of your family. Because we use brands like EcoSmart and other low impact products, you can have peace of mind knowing that your helping to keep your loved ones and the environment healthy and safe. Call us today to find out more: (425) 482-2100.