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How to Set Mouse Traps in Seattle

The greatest threat to mankind is disease. Pest control is a critical part of preventing the spread of disease. Bugs, rats, and creatures of all sorts have played key roles in some of the worst disasters in history. We’ll break down three of the worst pest disasters and how it all could have been avoided.

These are a big reminder of the consequences of failing to manage pests effectively, and safely.

The Black Plague

The black death, or the bubonic plague- the Black Plague was one of the most costly and widespread pandemics in the history of humankind. It spread like wildfire through Europe, Asia, and Africa between 1346 and 1353. It killed its victims within a week of contraction. By the time the first outbreak ended, it’s estimated that up to 200 million people had died. Some parts of Africa and Europe saw their populations halved.
How to set mouse Traps in Seattle
Why was it able to wreak havoc on these populations? Pests, of course. The plague was piggybacking on rats that came in from merchant ships. Once they landed in Europe, they were covered in fleas and disease ridden, coupled with the unsanitary urban conditions and a lack of scientific or medical understanding- its spread was inevitable.

It’s an excellent reminder of just how vital pest control is in the aspect of health and wellbeing. Certainly, Seattle mouse traps could have been of use.

The Year of the Locust

Back in 1875 a swear of locusts (the largest recorded in history) swept America’s heartland. It probably looked a lot like a large, dark, fast moving cloud. The New York Times reported that the swarm was 110 miles wide and 1,800 miles long. To give you a better idea of how big that actually is- it’s the size of Vermont, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, Maryland, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts combined.

Witnesses said that the sky was dark for five days as the swarm passed, and as they consumed entire fields of corn it sounded like a raging fire on the prairie.

It was dubbed Albert’s Swarm, after the physician who recorded, documented, and estimated the size of the swarm. The locusts destroyed acres upon acres of crops. They were unstoppable, taking out crops, fences, fibers, and trees. Despite the farmer’s efforts to destroy the scourge- nothing worked.

They may have arrived with a bang, but eventually they vanished. No one knows why, or how it happened- but with pest control firmly in place, it’s not something we should see again.


Malaria might be the most frightening of the three, simply because it’s still a problem in our modern world. It’s caused by a parasite that is found in the saliva of mosquitoes. The symptoms are much like the flu, however, if it is untreated it can result in death.
How to set mouse Traps in Seattle
Half of the world’s population is at risk of contracting malaria, according to WHO. 80% of deaths caused by malaria come from just 13 countries, and in 2015 there were almost half a million deaths, from a reported 214 million cases.

The most valuable tool we have in fighting malaria is pest management. Nets, repellents, disposal of standing water, and insecticides, are all effective methods. We may have some ways to go, but pest control has made strides in preventing the spread of malaria.

The Importance of Pest Control

Whether you’re battling locusts, fending off mosquitoes, or you just need to know how to set mouse traps. Pest control is everyone’s responsibility, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. We provide professional pest control services, and can assist you in getting rid of bed bugs, in mouse trapping, or in chasing off roof rats.