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Mouse Repellent

An unfortunate fact that all of us must face is that mice and rats live in close proximity to us. They adore finding a way into our homes so that they have a warm and comfortable place to make a nest and raise their offspring. Once the infestation occurs, it’s difficult to deal with mouse removal.

The best way, of course, is to prevent them from ever gaining entry to your home in the first place.

Mouse Entry Denied

mouse repellentYou’ll need to prepare to inspect your home fully if you’re serious about preventing any pests from gaining entry. Take a pencil with you on your inspection, because if it can fit into any crack, opening, or hole, then a rodent can easily slip through and gain entry to your house. Check your walls, the foundation, and even the space in your attic to ensure they can’t gain entry through the roof.

The most effective method of sealing the cracks is with a strong and heavy material. Consider heavy gauge hardware cloth, galvanized sheet metal, or concrete. You can also make use of weather stripping on window gaps and doors so that when these are closed, you have an effective seal.

It’s also vital to check your Seattle insulation, gaps in insulation provide further entry to rodents. If you’ve had a rodent infestation, you may need to clean or replace your insulation, as rodents have a musky odor, and pee a lot. Which may result in some seriously smelly and damp insulation.


Lack of Proper Sanitation

mouse repellent

Poor sanitation is one sure way to attract pests and leave you in need of animal control. If you want to make your home uninviting to rodents, then make sure you clean your kitchen thoroughly. Ensure that you wash down all of the surfaces, take out trash in a timely manner, use a sealed trashcan, and sweep the floors to make sure you don’t leave any crumbs behind. The most important part of this is that you cut off any source of food- rodents are attracted to areas where they can gain access to snacks.

It isn’t a guarantee that they’ll stay out, but you’re not sending an open invitation either.


Proper Yard Maintenance is Vital

mouse repellentThe outside of your home is just as important as the interior. Make sure that pet food isn’t left out available at all times, this is a big invitation to rodents. Make sure that you are using sealed trash containers. Look at any areas of debris or spots where rodents may be able to hide. It’s important to control your plant life and weeds, too. If you come across burrows or nests, they must be destroyed.

Most importantly, know when the problem is beyond your capabilities. If you are dealing with an infestation, contact us to help you solve your problem. Whether it be rats, mice, or other rodents or pests. We can remove mouse problems and take care of your pest issues and help you keep them out in future.