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Moisture Ants and
Ant Control

Ant Control for Home and Yard Ants in the Pacific Northwest

Moisture Ant

Lasius spp.

Moisture ants are usually found in the soil, where they make their colonies in rotting wood. The workers are all the same size (about 1/8“). In the most common species, the workers are a gold/yellow color while in other species, they may be reddish or brownish. Moisture ants are rarely seen foraging on the surface, usually confining their activity to dark, hidden places. They are commonly found during remodeling where water has soaked the underlying wood. The ants will move in and create nests packed with sawdust like material.  They are easily distinguished from Carpenter ants by size and color and from termites by color (termites are usually creamy white colored).

Tips for Prevention

• Remove any water damaged wood from crawl space or house.

• Keep crawl space dry and well ventilated.

• Fix any leaky pipes

moisture ants - moisture ant nest - ant exterminator

Typical Moisture Ant Nest.

More info:
Although classified as wood-destroying organisms, moisture ants are much  less economically important other wood destroying organisms like Carpenter ants and termites since they only damage wood that has already been damaged beyond repair by rot. When moisture ants are found in structural wood the most practical solution is to fix the underlying problem that allows water into the area and then replace all of the rotted wood. This eliminates the habitat for the ants. If enough ants are in the rotted area, insecticide could be applied as a nuisance prevention.

Moisture ants may also become a nuisance pest when their mating flights occur. During a mating flight, hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of winged males and females emerge from the colonies and fly away. If a group loses its way from nest to the outside and emerges inside a building, it can be more than a little alarming. This behavior is corrected by the application of a standard insecticide wherever they are emerging, and/or by chemically blocking the ways they get to those areas.

Our technicians are all licensed pest control operators for the state of Washington, and deeply specialized in our removal processes. To schedule our services, call (425) 482-2100.

Professional Ant Control Makes the Difference

There are many species of ants present in our region, and they can vary from one area to the next. So at Eastside Exterminators, we provide pest control for many species that can cause invisible and costly damage.

The fact that successful ant extermination requires the knowledge to properly identify the infesting species makes dealing with them challenging. Some are easy to spot, like the signs of a Carpenter ant infestation. But the reality is that our depth of knowledge about ants makes it possible to choose the best course of action for treating an infestation. Conversely, when untrained individuals treat attempt to clear an infestation, their efforts may just give the ants the chance to disperse or adapt to treatment. This means the ants escape to another nest or change their behavior to avoid the pest control efforts. An incomplete attempt at ant extermination can lead to the problem becoming worse. And that’s why, when it comes to keeping your family and property safe, it’s vital to consult professional ant control - get an ant exterminator.

Your Ant Exterminator: What to Expect from Ant Control

home ant control - ant exterminator sprayingAlmost everybody has had to deal with ants before. And sometimes the sheer number of them can be overwhelming. So this is where professional ant control can put you at ease. When you call on Eastside Exterminators to deal with ants on your property, you can rely on our technicians to:

  • Inspect – A pest management professional will conduct a thorough top-to-bottom inspection of your property to assess the extent of the infestation.
  • Identify – Upon tracking down the source of the infestation and any damage done, we’ll determine the ant species you’re dealing with.
  • Treat – We will implement extermination and exclusion techniques as necessary to safely and quickly remove the infestation from your home.

Above all, these are the core elements of our ant control process. And just as is true of our superb rodent control process, this work is carried out at every step of the way by technicians who are the best at what they do. To learn more about our proven, affordable services, or if you need help now, just call (425) 482-2100 today.