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Licensed, Insured and Bonded? What's That?

What Does Fully Licensed, Insured and Bonded Mean?

You see the phrase everywhere. The terms "fully licensed, insured & bonded" are common in advertisements. Over the years, this has been known to be the guarantee for professionalism with minimal negative repercussions on the side of the homeowner. It seems to be a guarantee of high quality work performance and reliability. However, in spite of more and more people not compromising their standards when it comes to this, few really understand the true meaning of firms being fully licensed, insured & bonded in the state of Washington. Let's take a look at the individual words in the phrase to help you get a clearer picture of what it means to be "fully licensed, insured and bonded" in Washington state.

Licensing (LICENSED)

In Seattle and surrounding areas, it is mandatory for a contractor to be licensed in order to render the services in commercial and residential buildings. The contractor has to be registered with the state. A license is what shows that a professional is competent and permitted to render the services in the city, municipality or state. The license must be current. To verify the license of the service provider, you can check the license number against the Better Business Bureau. You can also use the website of the Department of Labor & Industries to verify a contractor. When working with a professional that claims to be fully licensed, insured & bonded in Seattle, you need to verify that his license is current. Eastside Exterminators operates under Contractor License Number #EASTSEI990MZ.

Insurance (INSURED)

mouse and rat exclusion repairs all over the houseGiven time, accidents are inevitable. If a problem happens while the service is being rendered by the service provider, the client will be protected from liability for the injuries incurred while the service provider is working. In other words, our workers are fully covered and insured against accidents of all kinds, and this protects our customers against any fault. Additionally, if the service leads to the damage of property, the company will be liable for replacement. Insurance is the most commonly understood term in the phrase fully licensed, insured & bonded Seattle. When getting professional services, make sure the service provider is fully insured. This will protect you from the bad luck of having to personally pay for replacement or repair of the damaged structures which were caused by the negligence of the service provider.

Bonding (BONDED)

Bonding means that the company offering the services has set aside some money with a bonding company. This money is used in case a homeowner files a complaint about the theft of items. In the case of professional services, being bonded means that the service provider has been investigated by a trusted bonding company and has been found trustworthy. This is done to guarantee clients of their safety while working with the service provider. If the worker ever steals from the client, the bonding company will have to pay for the damages. Working with Los Angeles fully licensed, insured & bonded company guarantees you of the safety of your property. This will further give you the much deserved peace of mind.

There are many methods you can use to verify that a firm or service provider is LA fully licensed, insured & bonded. You can ask the contractor for his certificates. Asking for an insurance carrier will also help since you will get the contact information of the organizations that attest to the claims.

There is nothing better than working with Seattle fully licensed, insured & bonded companies. This option will ensure you get the best quality of services and remain protected from the unexpected. The services provided by a licensed, insured & bonded pest control company will also be extremely high in quality since the company is liable for its actions.

Eastside Exterminators is fully licensed, insured and bonded, and we have proudly served the greater Seattle area since 1969. Find out what our customers have to say.


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