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Humane Mouse Trap


humane mouse trapHere’s the truth about mice: they urinate constantly. They do it to mark their territory, and because it helps them navigate their way back to their nests. Where there are mice, there is a urine contamination- not to mention fleas and droppings. You’ll find gnaw marks on the edges of anything that is gnawable, including baseboards and food packaging. If it’s a rat infestation you are dealing with, you will likely notice smear marks on walls, and runways next to the walls- this is greasy, darkened paths that rats make as they scurry to and from their nest and food sources throughout the night.  The solution is the rodent control process to help eliminate this issue.




The Process

humane mouse trapThere’s a wrong way and a right way to remove mouse problems from your home. Don’t wait until they’ve turned your home into their vacation getaway. Call us immediately to evaluate your situation and deal with animal wildlife removal. If we find a rodent infestation, our technicians will take steps to eradicate the infestation by setting humane traps for mouse. Additionally, we will implement the treatments necessary to make your home inhospitable to any and all rodents in the area.

Once your home has been cleared of pests, there are plenty of steps you can take to prevent re-entry. Remove any clutter in the attic and basement, repair any leaks, clean out clogged drains, seal holes, cracks, and openings. Also, ensure that your food is stored properly, make use of airtight containers wherever possible.






House mice are common when pests look for a warm home to reside in. You may find them throughout your home, and they will always be looking for food. It’s what they leave behind that’s the problem.

    • Thoroughly clean your home- get into the back of every cabinet (particularly those that store food), get into the nooks and crannies of your couch and any furniture where people may snack. You want to remove any possible food source, while also inspecting your home for potential hiding spaces or entry points.


    • Block off any and entry potential access point, including small holes, cracks, or gaps in the walls and foundation. Check the exterior of your home for pipes and vents that may provide rodents with a point of entry.


  • Contact us to complete an inspection of your home. We can help you identify any rodent problems. We will set traps, remove any nests, and take all of the necessary steps to eliminate the infestation problem. We offer tips to help you prevent rodent infestations in the future. We can also provide you with attic and crawl space cleaning, to rectify the damage that has been caused by the infestation. You may need to totally replace your insulation after you have removed the infestation.


At Eastside Exterminators we can take care of every step of the process to limit your stress and prevent you from making multiple phone calls to various contractors. You’ll find that we provide expertly trained technicians, that offer professional and friendly service at the highest of standards.