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A Mouse In The House Requires Immediate Action!


Where you see one mouse in the house, know there are many more on the way!

deer mouse in the houseMice and rats often get into homes and become a serious problem. They contaminate foods, build nests, cause damage, and spread disease. Getting rid of them can take quite a bit of effort, depending on how they are accessing your home and how large the problem is. A single female mouse can have between 5-10 litters every year. Each litter has 5-6 young. These baby mice are then ready to reproduce when they are only 30 days old. So if you are seeing a mouse in the house, there are most likely very many other mice nearby that you cannot see. Don't wait, call (425) 482-2100 immediately!

How do I know if I have mice in my house or a mouse infestation?

The most obvious sign of a mouse infestation is seeing a mouse run through your house. But did you know you might have mice and rats even if you have never seen one? Mice are nocturnal creatures that mostly come out at night when we are sleeping. Seeing a mouse during the day can be a sign of a large infestation. There are lots of other signs of a mouse infestation in your home:

  • chewed or shredded paper, insulation, cardboard, etc.
  • food scraps or wrappers left behind, especially in hidden places like inside shoes or boots or in the corners of closets and cabinets
  • mouse droppings
  • urine and feces trails (seen under a black light)
  • nests or piled nesting materials
  • scratching sounds or skittering coming from the walls, ceilings or floors
  • runways or narrow pathways where the mice travel and their bodies sweep away the dust and dirt
  • stale, musky or rank odors
  • gnawed holes into the house (entry points) or gnawed and chewed holes between walls or in the crawl space

Many times you can see the evidence of mice or rats in your home if you look at the insulation in your crawl space - a favorite place for rats and mice to breed and live - or in and around the attic. It can be a tiring and dirty job to crawl to every corner of your home and inspect for "rodent activity," but it's the only way to see where mice are thriving in your house.

What are popular do-it-yourself solutions to mouse and rat control?

TRAPPING: Trapping mice with spring traps or glue traps is the most common DIY approach to treating a mouse problem, but this will do nothing to prevent future mouse infestations. Cleaning up and disposing of dead rat and dead mouse carcasses from your traps can be a disgusting job, too. There are traps available that hide the dead mouse from view after trapping, but they tend to be more expensive. Place traps where you find mouse activity and check them often.

POISONS: Poisons can be dangerous to have around children and pets and are not generally recommended (though it is a huge industry). Sometimes poisoning can cause the mouse to die inside the walls of the house and cause terrible rotting odors and provide breeding grounds for bacteria.

EXCLUSION WORK: The only way to permanently get rid of rodents in a home is to have a combined approach: carefully find all of the places where the mice enter the building, set traps in the areas where you find mouse activity or evidence, and do repairs to keep the mouse from being able to re-enter the home. This is called "Rodent Exclusion." You can find many materials that are readily available at home centers that will help you exclude mice from your structure: 1/4-inch wire mesh, steel wool, metal slashing, polyurethane foam, etc.

When do you know you need to hire a professional mouse exterminator?

crawl space inspecting for evidence of rats and miceIf you see a mouse, the time to act is now! It is difficult to know how bad the problem may be. The safest thing to do is to hire a Pest Management Professional to carefully inspect your home for evidence of rats, mice, and other rodents. This needs to be an extremely thorough process, because all of your future efforts and strategy to eliminate the pests will be based upon the findings of this inspection. Don't fall for the "Free Inspection" scam! This is an important step to ensure the safety of your home and family. How big of a problem do you have? Where are mice entering your home? Is there any damage to wiring? Is there any damage to insulation? Where are the mice nesting and feeding? How many repairs need to be made to the house to exclude the mice? Answers to all of these questions will affect how you approach solving the mouse problem. Eastside Exterminators has been handling pest problems for families in the Seattle area since 1969, and these decades of experience have led to a successful 4-Step Rodent Process that effectively and successfully removes mice and rats and prevents further infestation. The sooner you take care of the problem, the more future problems you avoid. Call us 7:30 - 6:00 Monday - Friday or 8:00 - 4:00 on Saturdays at (425) 482-2100.

What can I do to help prevent mouse infestations in my home?

Keeping your house and the area around it clean is a great way to help prevent mice from moving in to your house. Here are some steps:

  • eliminate all rubbish piles and refuse around the property and in the house
  • landscaped areas need to be properly maintained with wood piles elevated off the ground
  • make sure all garbage containers or dumpsters have a tight-fitting cover
  • GET RID OF BIRD FEEDERS (we like to call them rat feeders)
  • do not leave pet food out
  • clean out and remove any previous nests and droppings, replace any damaged insulation and plastic vapor barriers
  • remove and secure food sources and water sources

If you work with a high-quality professional pest control company like Eastside, you'll have no trouble eliminating your rodent problem and preventing future infestations. Eastside invented the 4-step Rodent Process. Nearly fifty years of experience go behind our guarantee. Go with the best!

Our Warranty

When you follow Eastside's 4-step Rodent Process completely, we guarantee our work 100%. But you must complete all the steps: When a rodent inspection has been completed, when all recommended exclusion repairs have been performed by Eastside Exterminators, and when the structure is on our Pest Protection Program; Eastside Exterminators warrants all of our exclusion repairs against the target pest (in this case, rodents).

This is what makes us unique. We as a company take pride in being passionately committed to doing the right thing for your family and ours. We believe if we take care of our people they will take care our customers. Our motto is: “Our Family Protecting Families!” Take it from what our customers have to say about our service.

Highly Trained and Specialized Inspectors and Rodent Control Professionals.

No other company offers this approach to rodent control. Our family has been perfecting this process since 1969. We continually educate and train our technicians with over 100 hours of educational classes and on hands training per year.

We Go Where Other Pest Control Companies Don’t So the Job Gets Done!

If you’re going to completely clear the infestation, it’s vital to inspect the entire structure, including the roof. Roof access points account for up to half of all rodent entry points into a home. And you can’t leave any entry points open, as the instincts of rodents are to return to their nest. This could mean, for instance, that if you only seal off your lower levels, rodents will simply enter from above. Therefore, we take every measure to seal off the entire home, so you have the best likelihood of avoiding re-infestation.

Schedule an Eastside Exterminators Rodent Inspection for your home or business, performed by one of our highly trained Rodent Inspectors. Call to learn more about our 5-star services at (425) 482-2100.