Home Insulation Service

Are you struggling with high utility bills because of poor insulation in your home? Or are you simply overwhelmed by the challenge of finding the best replacement? One telephone call to us will provide the answers you need! Not only does Eastside Exterminators provide excellent pest control throughout the Greater Seattle Area, we also offer home insulation service.

Once at your premises, our experts can identify any insulation issues you’re dealing with, such as inefficiency and damage. After we’ve assessed your situation, we can help you select a home insulation service suited to your budget and needs. Our home insulation service technicians can help you address all the major insulation problems you may be having. Our specialties include:

  • Replacement and decontamination damaged insulation.
  • Insulation for attics and crawlspaces.
  • Reducing your energy needs and carbon footprint.

Having been family owned and operated since our founding in 1969, we know what local homeowners need in insulation. To learn more about our efficient and affordable home insulation service, or our pest control services, call us at (425) 482-2100.


Comprehensive Home Insulation Service


Eastside Exterminators home insulation service can help you improve the overall quality of life in your home. This is because we provide services that save energy, keep you cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months, and are cost-effective. Our professional technicians have the in-depth training to replac and install the latest insulation solutions for your home. That means when it comes to Eastside Exterminators home insulation service, you can expect:

  • Formaldehyde-free insulation materials for crawlspaces that is safe for your family.
  • Blown-in insulation for attics, to ensure the best possible coverage.
  • Spray foam options that provide more thermal resistance with less material.

Additionally, we will furnish you with a home energy audit to evaluate air leakage from poor insulation in your home. This audit, in combination with our inspection of your home, will provide you with all the information you need.

Effective home insulation service is important. Not only will it make a difference to your monthly utility bills, it may be necessary to repair rodent damage. Leaving such problems unattended can create hazardous conditions for your pets and loved ones.

Upgrade Your Insulation Now

Those of us who are lucky enough to be homeowners in the Greater Seattle Area know it’s a beautiful place. However, even with our mild weather, home insulation service is becoming increasingly important for both summer and winter extremes. This is particularly true since so many of us live close to animals that see our houses as shelter. For example, raccoons and bats, which can cause thousands of dollars of damage to insulation, and require wildlife control.

This is why Eastside Exterminators is committed to providing:

  • Expert knowledge of the best types of insulation for homes and businesses.
  • Latest state of the art technology for inspection of attics and crawl spaces.
  • Use of eco-friendly green products made from renewable natural resources.

So if you’ve recently discovered serious damage to your insulation, or are just in need of an upgrade, schedule our home insulation service at (425) 482-2100.