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4 Ways to Protect from Pests During a Heat Wave

4 Ways to Protect from Pests During a Heat Wave

It's hot out there, Seattle! Temperatures hit record highs over the weekend and don't look to be cooling down anytime soon. Hopefully you have been hitting the beach and enjoying these long summer evenings, but what are you doing to protect against pests? Spiders, ants, flies and other pests thrive in the heat. Here are some tips on heat wave pest control near Seattle.

Heat Wave Pest Control for Your Home

If pests are making this heatwave even more unbearable at your home, then you need Eastside Exterminators. Our certified technicians will make sure rats, mice, spiders, ants and anything else are out of your house for good. Call us at (425) 482-2100 today!

There are a few tricks you can employ on your own for heat wave pest control:

1. Check and secure screens on windows and doors.

A Seattle heat wave will have you throwing open your doors and windows to try and keep your home cool. However, all sorts of bugs use this as an invitation inside. If your window and door screens have holes or gaps, then spiders, flies, mosquitoes and more will find their way in. Keeping your screens in good shape is a first step for heat wave pest control.

2. Keep tables, counters and floors clean.

Food scraps or spills in the kitchen are a magnet for pests, especially ants. When passing out the popsicles, make sure and drips and drops are cleaned up to help keeps the bugs away.

3. Check for standing water around hoses, sprinklers and AC units.

Bugs and rodents are attracted to puddles of water, and mosquitoes use them as breeding grounds. Remove any puddles that develop from running your air conditioner or playing backyard water games. Keep it dry and pests will cry!

4. Clear up any piles of stuff and overgrown foliage in and around your home.

If you have piles of firewood, overgrown hedges, out-of-control weeds or any other outdoor area that needs maintenance, take care of it pronto. Hot weather will draw any pests lurking in these spots out into the light, and most likely into your home. Don't give bugs a chance!

Seattle Pest Control During a Heat Wave: Be Vigilant

Bugs and rodents are looking for any excuse to invade your home. A heat wave will push pests to seek out cool areas, such as the crawlspace and area under your house. Spiders, ants, mosquitoes and other insects are also much more active in the heat, and they will be scurrying around your home day and night. Get on top of them before they get on top of you!

Call us today at (425) 482-2100 for heat wave pest control. Our pest management professionals will get rid of ants and spiders from your home, and let you enjoy the heat in peace. Schedule an inspection now!