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Happy 30th Anniversary to Deanna Townsend

Happy 30th Anniversary to Deanna Townsend

Congratulations, Deanna Townsend, for 30 Years of Success

deanna townsend 30th anniversary Eastside Exterminators

We are happy to announce the 30th anniversary of Deanna Townsend at Eastside Exterminators! Deanna is now co-owner of Eastside and is the innovative creator of our famous and successful 4-Step Rodent Process. This effective process for eliminating rodents has revolutionized the way pest control companies around the world approach rodent problems, and has helped eradicate mouse and rat problems for families all around the greater Seattle area.

Deanna has helped lead the company to new levels of growth and has helped to craft a vibrant company culture that you can actually see and feel when you meet our technicians or talk to our helpful customer service representatives on the phone. Eastside Exterminators' team thrives in an environment that is:

  • focused on families,
  • passionate about what we do,
  • truly commitment to serving our customers,
  • dedicated to doing the right thing for everyone involved, especially our customers.

Through bold leadership in the Seattle area marketplace, Eastside has grown rapidly in the last few years and is currently serving well more than 5,000 satisfied customers in King and Snohomish counties. Also, Eastside Exterminators is ranked 59th in all 20,000+ pest control companies nationwide!

Eastside is a full-service pest control company that solves pest problems like ants, stinging insects (like wasps and bees), mice, rats and other rodents, wildlife (like raccoons, bats or squirrels), carpenter ants, spiders, or pretty much any creepy-crawly unwelcome pest that invades your home. Also, Eastside can handle the cleanup, removal and replacement or repair of home insulation installations. Nearly 50 years of success mean you and your family or your business (yes, Eastside does Commercial Pest Control, too!) get the best protection from Eastside.

It's more than just a commitment to providing the ultimate in customer service and a passion for doing the right thing for our customers... Eastside Exterminators cares for their employees like family. This supportive, positive family environment permeates everything we do, and it shows. Eastside's employees get the best training, the best equipment, top-level certifications and licensing, and have the biggest smiles on their faces. Protecting families is a point of pride for everyone on the Eastside team.

Because of Deanna's insightful leadership, Eastside Exterminators offers something that your fly-by-night pest control companies can't:

  • Guaranteed Service
  • Revolutionary and Effective Process
  • Specialized, Highly-Trained and Certified Technicians

Thank you, Deanna Townsend, for 30 years of leadership and loyalty.

Learn more about the Eastside Exterminators story and find out how we can help protect you, your loved ones and your home. Call us to learn how Eastside can help: (425) 482-2100.

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