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Frequently Asked Questions about Eastside Exterminators Service

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about Rodent Control, Pest Control and more

Q: What is your rodent control and pest control service area?

A: We offer rodent control, pest control, wildlife control and more to a large area, including all of King county and western Snohomish county. From Marysville in the north down to Federal Way in the south, and from Seattle all the way east to North Bend, our technicians will come to you. For Seattle area rodent control or pest control,

Q: How long do I have to sign up for service?

A: We have no contracts, so you may stay on service as long (or short) as you want. For the Signature Pest program, you sign up for the initial service and a minimum of one recurring service.

Q: Why do you need to "inspect" my home? I've seen the pests with my own eyes!

A: Our inspection is much more than just a quick look around your home. As the first step in our proven 4-step process, we must inspect the entire structure. Pests can create multiple entry and exit points in order to gain access to different parts of your house. So, you might see rats in your crawlspace, but our thorough inspection could find that they actually got in through the roof and made their way all the way to the basement to set up shop. Our inspectors conduct a thorough, precise sweep of your home to catalog every sign of pest activity.

Eastside Exterminators has certified and specialized techniciansQ: Why do I need ongoing pest control or rodent control?

A: For all pests, recurring service is the only way to keep the pest population down and out of your house. One-time service will get pests out of your house but will do nothing to keep them out. Every-other-month pest service treatments and rodent protection service will  keep the population in check and out of your home.

Q: What is your 4-step Rodent Process?

A: We have a thorough and proven process for rodent control that we call our 4-Step Rodent Process. We were the first company in Washington State to create and utilize this successful process for eliminating rodent problems. Find out all about it on our 4-step Rodent Process page! If you are curious about why rat control in your home is so very important, we have answers.

Q: Why is rodent control in my house so important?

A: Rats and mice carry a long list of diseases such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, typhus fever, rat-bite fever and more. Wherever they roam, they constantly leave behind bacteria-filled traces of urine and feces. Read more about why rat control is so important for your home.

Q: What will you do when you come to my home?

A: If you are experiencing a rodent problem and have called us for a rodent inspection, at your initial inspection a technician will place traps around your home. He or she will also make a detailed report (including photos and video) of all the pest activity in the structure. If you choose to not continue service, the traps are your to keep. Electing to continue ongoing service will ensure a technician visits your home at least every two months. While there, they will clear and reset traps, clear and refill bait stations, and check for any new or reopened access points.

Q: How quickly can I get help with an insect infestation?

A: Call now! (425) 482-2100 We'll schedule your appointment as quickly as possible. We're even open on Saturdays if you find you're having a problem on the weekends. If your pest problem isn't urgent, leave us a message in the form at the bottom of this page and one of our Customer Service Representatives will call you back.

Q: Can you take care of the bees at my home?

A: We treat for yellowjackets, wasps and other stinging insects, but legally we are not allowed to treat for honey bees or bumblebees. Because of the environmental benefit that bees provide, only certified beekeepers may handle and relocate honey bees and bumblebees. We are happy to provide contact information for local beekeepers. If you have an infestation of yellowjackets, wasps or other stinging insects, call us now and a pest management professional can begin treatment!

Q: How can water in my crawl space encourage insect and rodent infestation?

A: When pests enter your home, they're looking for food, shelter and water. If you have crawlspace flooding or water seepage, then you may be creating the perfect environment for pests. We can help clean your crawl space, remove the water and control flooding with our drainage service and sump pump installation services. We are also Puget Sound Energy Tier 1 Certified. Find out all about it on our drainage and crawl space cleaning information page. (In response to a very widespread need for these types of services and other types of crawl space and insulation repairs and upgrades, we started our sister company, Eastside Insulation.)

Q: What types of wildlife does Eastside Exterminators remove?

A: You can get immediate service for beavers, raccoons, squirrels, opossums, skunks and other nuisance wildlife. If you are having a problem with bears, contact the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife.

Q: What payment methods are available at Eastside Exterminators?

A: We accept Visa and Master Card for your convenience, plus we accept personal checks or cash, but best of all we accept direct debit payments. You can save $5 when you sign up for our ACH Direct Debit Payment program. If you payment type is not listed here, please feel free to give us a call and we can discuss an arrangement.

Q: Are your technicians certified?

Every one of our highly trained and specialized technicians are certified through the WSDA (Washington State Department of Agriculture). Our wildlife removal specialists are licensed through the WDFW (Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife). Our company holds an official Contractors License Number #EASTSEI990MZ. And we are Puget Sound Energy Tier 1 Contractors Alliance Network Certified. On top of that, our CEO is president of the Washington Pest Management Association (WSPMA).

Q: How can I ensure that I hire a skilled rat exterminator?

If you are approached by a cold-calling pest control salesperson, ask them a few important questions: (1) Is the technician certified? (2) How long have you been in the industry - not how long the company has been in the industry, but how long the technician has been in pest control. (3) How long does an inspection last. Ask this especially if the company offers a free inspection. Eastside Exterminators has an extensive training and certification program that all of our technicians go through. Our rodent inspections are so thorough, they typically take three hours to complete for homes less than 3,000 square feet. We really go the extra mile to ensure that you receive the quickest, most thorough, best pest control service available. If you go with Eastside Exterminators, you're guaranteed the best skilled pest control operators.

Have some more specific questions? We have answers!

Have a question you'd like a quick answer to? If you can't find it in our blog or in the FAQ page, please send us an email or call us at (425) 482-2100 and we'll help you get the answers you need to make an informed decision about what service(s) you'll want to protect your home and family.