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Do You Want to Get Rid of Cockroaches? We Can Help!

cockroaches in Seattle

Homeowners have always despised cockroaches!

Cockroach control is vitally important because:

  • They can cause allergic reactions
  • They are known to trigger asthma attacks, especially in children
  • Nearly 33 kinds of bacteria are spread by roaches including E coli and salmonella

They are normally found behind stoves, under refrigerators, around sinks, and in drains. While little can be done to prevent an infestation, good sanitation and elimination of accessible foods, especially starchy foods, are recommendations for minimizing the extent of the infestation.

Professional roach control services are recommended for elimination of roaches by using a combination of baits, dusts, aerosols and residual sprays dependent on the locations and severity of the infestation.

Eastside Exterminators are expert in cockroach control and will locate, treat and provide roach control solutions with repeat treatments as needed.

Cockroach Control Services to Help Prevent Re-infestation

cockroaches in Seattle

There is a dangerous connection between cockroaches and asthma in children where one in five children in the United States is severely sensitive to cockroach allergens.

Professional roach control is the most effective approach to reducing cockroach populations in the home with repeat treatments as a preventative measure against re-infestation.

We start our cockroach control services with thorough inspections to determine the food and water sources and focal points of the infestation. When the population has been located, a combination of baits, dusts, aerosols and residual sprays are applied.

When you need to get rid of cockroaches and require the services of experts in this area, call on us to locate, treat and provide roach control solutions.

Why Call Us When You Need Removal and Roach Control?


If you have cockroaches in your home or business, contacting us for roach control services should be your top priority.

As a reputable family-owned and operated pest control company since 1969, we provide:

  • Fully trained and licensed pest control technicians
  • Environmentally safe botanical and organic cockroach control products
  • A customer satisfaction guarantee
  • Competitive pricing and free no-obligation estimates

As a general rule, most people have difficulty getting rid of cockroaches due in part to their ability to survive extreme conditions. Call Eastside Exterminators for experienced cockroach control technicians that will locate, treat and provide solutions.