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Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

Celebrating Our 50th Anniversary

Through Changing Times, Eastside Exterminators Remains

50 years of protecting families in the greater Seattle area

Deanna Townsend and Alex Altizer, Co-owners of Eastside Exterminators

Much has changed around the Puget Sound over the past half-century. Amid growing populations, increasing traffic and rising skylines, one constant has remained – Eastside Exterminators, the leading pest control expert in the region, which celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2019.

Since 1969, Eastside Exterminators has committed itself to protecting homes and families from pests of all kinds. The company vision, “Our Family Protecting Families,” is the foundation of the Eastside culture: co-owner and President Deanna Townsend is the daughter of the company founder and has been at Eastside for 31 years. She and her business partner, Alex Altizer, have a daughter who has worked as a customer service representative at Eastside for the past two years. Every employee is a member of the extended Eastside family, and many of those employees are actual family as well.

The Townsends’ place in Washington pest control history extends back even further than that: founder Ralph “Jim” Townsend, Jr.’s father, Ralph Sr., was the recipient of the third pest control license ever issued in the state.

“Helping customers solve their pest problems has always been my passion,” Deanna Townsend said. “When I get to help that customer with a difficult infestation, or pass my knowledge on to a technician, it makes me happy and proud to know that I am making a difference.”

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Nearly 100 employees and more than 70 trucks standing by! Eastside Exterminators has 50 years of success in protecting families in the Greater Seattle area

Growth and Prosperity at Eastside

Eastside Exterminators began as a one-man operation in 1969, operated out of a strip-mall storefront on Seattle’s Eastside, and has grown to more than 90 employees since. Eastside now ranks as one of the most successful locally-owned and operated pest control businesses in the U.S. Jim Townsend sold the company to Deanna and Alex in 2000, and in 2008, Eastside Insulation was founded as a separate company under the Eastside, Inc. umbrella.

Eastside is guided by its company GPS – Guarantee, Process and Specialized Technicians. Eastside Exterminators’ application of these specific principles differentiate it from the competition and have helped shape the company atmosphere over the past half-century.

“What I am most proud of is seeing our family grow and people prosper,” Alex Altizer said. “In my 19 years with Eastside, I have seen employees come in for a job and turn it into a career. The heart of our company is our employees, and when they are taken care of, they take care of the customers.”

Eastside’s rich history is reflected in its company Core Values:

  • Family Focused,
  • Passionate,
  • Committed, and
  • Do the Right Thing.

Each and every employee in the Eastside family has been chosen to exemplify these values, and to help Eastside continue growing for another 50 years. Throughout 2019, Eastside will celebrate its milestone birthday with events, promotions, giveaways and philanthropic work.