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Buzzes and Squeaks

What Happens in a Bed Bug Treatment?

It's easy to say "getting rid of bed bugs is hard." But how hard is it, exactly? What does a pest control professional actually have to do to get rid of bed bugs? The process is straightforward, but time-consuming and difficult. Here is a guide to what happens in a bed bug treatment.

4 Ways to Protect from Pests During a Heat Wave

It's hot out there, Seattle! Temperatures hit record highs over the weekend and don't look to be cooling down anytime soon. Hopefully you have been hitting the beach and enjoying these long summer evenings, but what are you doing to protect against pests? Spiders, ants, flies and other pests thrive in the heat.

The Difference Between Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets

That familiar buzz you hear every summer isn't just the AC kicking on during hot days -- stinging insects are out in force during summer months around Seattle. But what kind of buzzers are invading your home? How would you know to be worried or not? Some stingers are good for your home and garden, but for others you need wasp control Seattle.

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5 Tips for Keeping Mosquitoes Away in Seattle

Keep Mosquitoes Away in Seattle
Nothing is more annoying than being bitten by mosquitoes when you’re trying to enjoy a warm summer evening. We only get a few months of sunshine in Seattle, Bellevue, Everett and the surrounding areas,  so we want to make the most of sunny days while we have them! Here are a few really useful tips for keeping those pesky mosquitoes away.

Hantavirus Reports Surface Nationwide

Do Rodents in Washington State Carry Hantavirus?
Of all of the rat-borne diseases and mouse-borne diseases, hantavirus has received the most attention lately. Cases of hantavirus have been popping up throughout the world recently, including a woman in Oregon who died in June 2018 from exposure to the virus.

How to Keep Birds Away from Your House

It's summertime, which means the sun sets later, rises earlier, and birds start chirping long before you're ready to wake up. If you can't get sleep because of birds on your roof, birds nesting in your house, or birds just chirping in the garden, then you can do something about it.

9 Secrets of a Super Seattle Summer BBQ

Now that "June-uary" is over, the Pacific Northwest is gearing up for the most beautiful season of the year: Summer BBQ Season! The days are long and warm, and the usual Seattle rain showers become scarce. That makes your back yard the perfect setting for a super summer soiree! And throwing a summer BBQ doesn't have to be a complicated undertaking.