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Bird Control

Bird Control Services

Eastside Exterminators has more than 40 years of experience in getting rid of unwanted birds. Our methods of bird control are humane and effective. Our services include pigeon proofing, nest removal, bird proofing, and installing bird deterrants and implementing bird repellants.

Birds can be a problem for home and business owners for several reasons. Their droppings are not only unpleasant, but also unsanitary. As time passes bird droppings become condusive to a type of fungus that causes the lung infection histoplasmosis. Also, nests in structures become a breeding ground for other pests like ticks and carpet beetles.

Nuisance Birds in Seattle and Surrounding Areas

Pigeon Control / General Bird Control

Pigeons are the most common type of nuisance bird in the Seattle area because of the amount of droppings they produce on a structure or a home. Don't wait for the damage to get worse, call Eastside Exterminators now to handle your nuisance bird problems: (425) 482-2100.

Starling Control

Starlings are not native to Seattle and are a very aggressive species of bird. They are one of the few birds that tolerate densely populated areas. A starling nest in an attic can quickly become a fire hazard. The starling continues to add to the nest and over time it becomes a disarray of debris. Not only do their nests become a fire hazard, but also a breeding ground for ticks, mites, and carpet beetles. Let Eastside help you solve your starling problem quickly and easily: (425) 482-2100.

Sparrow Control

Sparrows are protected by federal law and excluding them from a home or building takes particular care. Our licensed and trained technicians know how to handle just such a problem. If you are having difficulties with sparrows, call us now to handle the problem the right way: (425) 482-2100.