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Bed Bug Control Seattle WA

Bed Bugs Require Special Inspection and Treatment!

Bed bugs are some of the most persistent and difficult-to-remove pests out there. Once you have them, getting rid of bed bugs requires specialized materials, equipment, and a thorough understanding of bed bug biology. At Eastside Exterminators we know how much pain, anxiety and distress bed bugs can cause. For full-service pest control and an expert bed bug exterminator, call us today at (425) 482-2100 to schedule an inspection. Get the best bed bug control Seattle has to offer!

Bed Bug Control Seattle WA

bed bug control seattleAdult bed bugs are roughly the size and shape of an apple seed. However, bed bugs change shape, color and size rapidly from the egg to adulthood, making it difficult to identify bed bugs to the untrained eye. Our highly experienced, expert technicians will inspect your home to confirm or deny the presence of bed bugs as quickly as possible. You can carefully check for these 10 signs of bed bug infestation in your home.

Bed bugs breed in large numbers in a short period of time. One female bed bug alone can lay up to five eggs per day. Additionally, bed bugs can survive for months without eating, so it is ineffective to simply vacate the room where the bed bugs have infested. In fact, moving out of the room can spread the infestation further throughout your house.

If you think you have bed bugs, then call us right away at (425) 482-2100. A pest management professional will help determine the best immediate approach to your unique situation. For a bed bug exterminator, call us now!

How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs Seattle: Hire a Bed Bugs Exterminator

bed bugs - bed bug removal - bed bug exterminator - penny sizeIf you think you have bed bugs, then don't panic. Call us immediately, then:

  • Identify cracks, gaps and holes in your walls, baseboards, windows and doors.
  • Find any loose wallpaper, electrical fittings, light sockets and other coverings
  • Identify openings where pipes or wires enter your home. You will need to seal these spots with your pest management professional's guidance.

Though you will be tempted, please don't clean up the area in which you suspect an infestation. Throwing things away or moving things around cal spread the infestation. Call us now (425) 482-2100 to get rid of bed bugs quickly. Our certified pest technicians will ensure your home is clean and free from bed bugs.

Eastside is the Leading Bed Bug Exterminator in Seattle

Bed bug removal - bed bug exterminator - bed bug on human finger

If you think you may have a bed bug problem, then you need Eastside Exterminators right away. Our highly trained and experienced bed bug experts will identify the issue and treat it in the most effective way possible. Call us today at (425) 482-2100 to schedule an inspection, and get rid of bed bugs fast! Don't tidy up, just call ASAP!

Learn more about how bed bugs are treated, or give our experts a call now: (425) 482-2100

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